Michigan Vaults Up Murphy's List

Hollywood Hills (FL) DE Clarence Murphy had been waiting on the Michigan Wolverines to jump more definitively into his recruitment. That finally happened last week and now the Maize & Blue is in prime contention for both he and teammate Tony Grimes.

Sam Webb:  Take me back to last season.  What were your stats?

Clarence Murphy:  "Last year, I had about 60 tackles, six sacks and one defended pass."

Sam Webb:  How are things going on the football field for you so far this year?

Clarence Murphy:  "Things are going pretty good.  They've been giving me a lot of looks at tackle lately and so far, I have 33 tackles and 4 1/2 sacks."

Sam Webb:  You're playing defensive tackle, but you still plan on playing end at the next level right?

Clarence Murphy:  "Unless I majorly just beef up, probably so."

Sam Webb:  Right now, what is your height, your weight and your 40 time?

Clarence Murphy:  "My height, I'm about 6'2 1/2".  My weight, I'm at 235.  My 40, my best time was a 4.87."

Sam Webb:  For people who haven't seen you play before, talk about your game a little bit?

Clarence Murphy:  "They'll see explosiveness all the time.  I got a quick burst off the ball.  I'm a hell of a pass rusher.  I can defeat the double team.  Just leadership on the field, making big plays… making big stops, things like that."

Sam Webb:  Tony Grimes said you received a Michigan offer last week.  When exactly did it come through??

Clarence Murphy:  "It came Tuesday.  I got a phone call from our DB coach and he told me that he was just on the phone with the coaches and told me I had that offer.  That moment, I was really speechless because it was something that we were waiting for.  Me and Tony (Grimes), I don't know if he told you, but we plan on going to college together.  It felt pretty good to be able to get a big offer like that."

Sam Webb:  So what other offers besides the one from Michigan do you have on the table right now?

Clarence Murphy:  "Maryland, Wisconsin, FIU, USF and Colorado State."

Sam Webb:  Tony was saying that Ole Miss was really giving you a look too?

Clarence Murphy:  "Yeah Ole Miss and Oregon."

Sam Webb:  But they haven't come through with offers yet?

Clarence Murphy:  "No not yet."

Sam Webb:  When you look at these schools, is weather and distance from home a concern for you?

Clarence Murphy:  "Not really.  I just want to get out of Florida and see something new, be in a new environment, new surroundings, things like that.  As far as leaving the state, it doesn't really matter, but it definitely just trying to meet new people and things like that.  That's a big factor."

Sam Webb:  As far as the top schools on your list; do you have a favorite or a top five?

Clarence Murphy:  "Me and Tony, we talked a lot about where we are going to go, where we are going to take our visit together.  Right now it is Michigan, Wisconsin and probably Maryland.  Once Ole Miss and Oregon go through, maybe those two (also)."

Sam Webb:  Was that in order?

Clarence Murphy:  "No, it doesn't really matter, but Michigan is probably one of the main priorities right now."

Sam Webb:  What about timeline?  Do you guys have a plan for when you're going to make your decision?

Clarence Murphy:  "We are probably just going to continue to focus on high school football right now and then once it gets towards that deadline, we are going to put our heads together after we take our officials and just give it a great thought and where we want to be the next three to four years and what is best for us."

Sam Webb:  Do you think you are going to take all five officals?

Clarence Murphy:  "We're going to take all five or at least four in case something happens.  We're definitely going to do that."

Sam Webb:  This is the last one, let's say you get ready to sit down and make that final decision, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Clarence Murphy:  "Do they have a good program, education wise and do we both fit in?  If we work hard at that level and come in and start as true freshmen.  Just a lot of things come into play.  Mostly, TV exposure, do you get a lot of recognition and things like that."

Sam Webb:  You said academic program… do you know what you want to major in?

Clarence Murphy:  "Forensics."

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