Donovan away from the mic: Looking to MSU

Donovan Warren on an encounter with a MSU fan ... on Boubacar ... on the young players ... on 'the interception' ... much more.

Question: This is going to be the first road game for some of the young guys; anything you can really tell them?

Donovan Warren: "I'm just going to tell them, it's just like practice. Once you on the field you have to block out the game and just play your game just like you do in practice, stay focused, stay focused on the little things. Don't try to make the big plays, just do what your job is."

Question: What kind of role are you going to take with Boubacar (Cissoko) and JT Floyd getting them ready?

Donovan Warren: "The main thing is keeping those guys confident and that all starts in practice. We just got to be confident in what we're doing and be aggressive, don be timid. The main thing is just getting in those guys head that we need you for this. Got to stay focused and be confident with what we are doing."

Question: How is Boubacar doing after he was sat down?

Donovan Warren: "Boubacar is alright. It is something that happened. You just have to learn form it. Work on your mistakes, work on your technique and just get better in practice this week."

Question: The interception at the end of the game, what happened on it?

Donovan Warren: "It was a smash interception. They had me running the same routes. They tried to complete maybe once or twice during the game. I knew what was coming by the formation that they were in. So I tried to bait the quarterback a little bit, back up, but I knew I was going to drive the route. I caught the ball and his arms actually got caught between mine, try to snatch it back from me, but that's just what happened."

Question: You caught the ball?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah I caught the ball and he tried to put his arms through mine and take it from me."

Question: Have you seen pictures of it? That's actually what looked like happened; it looked like you had the ball first.

Donovan Warren: "No I haven't seen any pictures of it. I caught the ball first definitely."

Question: How many times have you had to tell that story to friends, family members and fans?

Donovan Warren: "I've told it a lot of time, a whole lot of times. I got the interception. We got the win too."

Question: When you wrestling on the ground, were you fearful?

Donovan Warren: "Naw, I was just trying to make sure that I came up with the ball to give them any evidence that I came up with the interception."

Question: Are you tired of having to defend it?

Donovan Warren: "No because we got the W (laughter). We got the win and that's all that matters is that we got the win. I'm just looking forward to getting back on the practice field this week and great ready for Michigan State."

Question: You got a lot of fans panicking about the defense; what keeps you from panicking, I guess?

Donovan Warren: "Because I know on certain plays, you guys may not see it, but the little things like guys not lining up on the right gap or guys not being on the same page. Those things that can be fixed and corrected, just communicating out there and knowing what you're going to get out there on certain situations. That's why I feel like we're going to be alright."

Question: Kid from California, what do you say to people who say you don't really understand this rivalry; now you've been it, do you feel like you fully understand it?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah I feel like I fully understand it playing these guys twice and just knowing that the things that go on between Michigan and Michigan State and the respect throughout the State for this game is big. I understand what it's all about."

Question: What is your best rivalry story of running into a Michigan State fan?

Donovan Warren: "Actually, it was this past year, I was going back home and I was at the airport and a guy, I had nothing Michigan on, but a guy came up to me and said, ‘We're going to beat your ass this year again'. I said, ‘what?' ‘Yeah, those Wolverines, we going to give it to you this year again'. I said, ‘Alright sir'. I then got on the plane."

Question: What time of the year was that?

Donovan Warren: "It was probably back in January."

Question: How do you know he was a Michigan State fan?

Donovan Warren: "He's in Michigan and he is just talking about how we going to get the Wolverines. It had to be a Michigan State fan."

Question: Is this rivalry comparable to USC-UCLA or not really, it's different because you've been in this?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah it is real big. Michigan-Michigan State, it's close together and they recruit so many of the same guys. Guys have family, just like USC-UCLA. I feel like it is the same caliber with intensity and things."

Question: Who did you root for growing up?

Donovan Warren: "I didn't root for anybody growing up, but I just had certain players that I rooted for."

Question: Was Charles Woodson one of them?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah definitely, definitely. Charles Woodson, great player. I rooted for him and still learning from him – good guy."

Question: Some publications had written you guys off and Michigan State had already passed you guys as a program; have you seen any of that in the preseason and what was your reaction to that?

Donovan Warren: "No I didn't see any of that. I just heard about the sign that they had up with the score and they had beat us and all this and that. That's just more motivation for us this week in practice, stay focused and get our revenge."

Question: What were your memories of that 2007 game up there; it was a wild game, (Shawn) Crable running (Javon) Ringer down.

Donovan Warren: "Yeah it was a tough hard nosed game, real physical. Mario (Manningham) made that great catch at the end to give us the lead. That was one of my first games. I had a lot of fun. They had some good receivers on that side of the ball, Devin Thomas and a couple of big play guys. It was just a good game for me, just to get my feet under me and really learn what the tradition is all about."

Question: I can't believe the guy in the airport said that with you sitting there.

Donovan Warren: "Yeah I was sitting there and he knew who I was or something. He just came up and started talking like that."

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