Forcier: "Have to Come Back Next Week"

Tate Forcier reacts to Michigan's 26-20 overtime loss to Michigan State. The Wolverines' signal caller discussed his overtime interception, the status of his shoulder, the furious comeback, and more.

Question:  On the interception in overtime…

Tate Forcier:  "I should have prepared more.  I take full blame for that.  That's something that I told myself I wasn't going to do was make a freshman mistake and I did.  I just got to come back next week and beat Iowa."

Question:  How limited were you limited by your shoulder today?

Tate Forcier:  "The shoulder did not affect me too much.  I kind of took it easy this week in practice but really going to go out next week and prepare for Iowa."

Question:  How tired were you at the end of regulation at the end of the bench?

Tate Forcier:  "That's one of the longest drives I've ever gone through, but we were successful with the drive, but we failed in overtime – it's a tough loss."

Question:  That freshman mistake, you were referring to the interception?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah."

Question:  What was going on during the first three quarters; it looked like you guys were off.

Tate Forcier:  "They are just trying to not get us into a rhythm.  Their offense did a great job of staying on the field.  Our defense played their hearts out, but like I said, we've just got to comeback next week."

Question:  Why do you think there was a change in the fourth quarter?

Tate Forcier:  "Because our team doesn't give up.  We're going to keep fighting until the game is over and it showed.  You can't win all of them, but our guys kept fighting."

Question:  You guys tried to change things up with your running game as you went on because it wasn't working?

Tate Forcier:  "They just prepared for the run.  We've been running the ball real well for these past few weeks and it opened up the pass.  It's just kind of our job as players to get that corrected and go out there and fix it."

Question:  In terms of drops; was that just a case of the weather or was it the case of something you were doing?

Tate Forcier:  "Mistakes happen.  A lot of guys made mistakes.  I had my share of mistakes, everybody else had their share.  Like I said, it is just something that we got to get corrected."

Question:  On the interception; what were you looking for and what did you see?

Tate Forcier:  "I had an over route coming from Martavious (Odoms) and he tried to sit into a window, and it was kind of miscommunication, I thought he was going to keep coming and the safety ended up…the safety was the one that kept coming and I just threw it and like I said, a freshman mistake."

Question:  Did you feel that you guys had a lot of miscommunications today?

Tate Forcier:  "No.  Everybody has their off day.  Today wasn't good for us."

Question:  You led the team to two touchdowns in the final four minutes and then it seemed like everything was going to have a storybook ending and then the end that happened.

Tate Forcier:  "Like I said, we can't win all of them and today wasn't our day."

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