Michigan in the mix for Christian Jones

With the Wolverines in need of playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, their most recent efforts have landed them back in the Sunshine State. Winter Park (Lake Howell HS) linebacker Christian Jones is a 4-star prospect who would fill an immediate need if the Wolverines were to land his services. The consistent recruiting efforts of Rod Smith has U-M in the mix to receive an official visit.

GBW: How's your season going?

Christian Jones: "My team is not doing to well (1-4), but I've been doing pretty good. Not sure of my stats."

GBW: I know Michigan offered you a scholarship early on in the process. Have you been following their season at all?

CJ: "Yeah, they look pretty good so far. I know they will bounce back from their lost to Michigan State. The good thing about Michigan is that they are young, so they will only get better."

GBW: Knowing that Michigan has a young defense, is that something keep in mind?

CJ: "Oh yeah, definitely. Anytime you can get on the field early is always a plus."

GBW: Rich Rodriquez and his staff have been recruiting the state of Florida hard. Are you familiar with any prospects of their commitments?

CJ: "I know Greg Matthews, he's from my area and went to Edgewater high school. I know Marvin and Ricardo, but Ricardo just moved to Michigan though."

GBW: "Those guys didn't have a problem with leaving the state of Florida. What about you?

CJ: Leaving the state is not a problem for me. I just want to be comfortable at any place I choose."

GBW: Have you narrowed your list down yet? What schools are you truly considering at this point?

CJ: "Florida, Miami, Florida State, Southern Cal, Notre Dame, Michigan, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Florida, and Rutgers."

GBW: "I'm sure you've heard the rumors about you supposedly being a lock to go to Florida State. How close are you to committing to them?

CJ: "I know, and I've heard the rumors. To tell you the truth, I'm no where close to committing. I really don't know where I'm going to end up at."

GBW: Do you have any official visits planned?

CJ: "I'll be at Notre Dame on October 24 for an official. Then I'm going to Southern Cal."

GBW: That leaves a few spots open. What are the chances of Michigan getting one of those visits?

CJ: "I just might be taking an official visit there."

GBW: On a scale of 1-10, how certain are you that the visit to Michigan takes place?

CJ: "Like a 7 or 8."

GBW: What do know about Michigan? What is it that attracting your attention. CJ: I know that getting a degree from that University is a huge deal. The history and tradition there is one of the best in the country. But what really got me liking Michigan is the possibility of running out of that stadium tunnel and playing in the "Big House". That's why I want to visit to visit the school, I really want to see that stadium."

Note: Chris Jones plans to major in Business or Sports Management.

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