Mike Martin talks on the DLine and OLine

The Michigan defensive lineman on 'ten minute drives', on night games, on Brandon Graham, on helping David Moosman adjust to OC, on Dave Molk ... and a couple on Mike Barwis.

Question: How is the mood of the team coming off the first setback of the year?

Mike Martin: "Good. We had workouts this morning and everybody came into the workout this morning and was motivated and is using the loss to just boost us as a team. We know that we got to have a good practice this week – great practice and just keep on pushing."

Question: Obviously you dealt with so many losses last year, did this feel differently? Like the days following the loss with the way you guys reacted?

Mike Martin: "Yeah because we're trying to have this be a special season for us as a team. We've grown so much closer as a team and everybody can tell the coaching staff, us as teammates, it really hurt us, because we put in so much work, but you can't win them all. We just got to keep on pushing forward and try to play the best we can for the rest of the season."

Question: It seemed like you guys were doing a better job of clogging the middle against the run on Saturday; did you guys change anything?

Mike Martin: "No. We've been playing a certain kind of defense that we were practicing for Michigan State during the practice the whole week. We was just executing our techniques and stopping the run like you said."

Question: Have you ever been in a drive of an opponent that went 10 minutes like that one did and what needs to happen to prevent that in the future?

Mike Martin: "I think that's been the longest drive we've endued during the season so far, I think. I was pretty tired and I know just the D-line, Ryan (Van Bergen), BG (Brandon Graham), they were pretty tired. We held our own and we just got to keep buckling down when it comes to third and long and that was what was hurting during this game and we just got to execute better on third and long and make it happen."

Question: Did you feel like high school almost, because obviously a lot of teams will just run that wing-T and just go four yards at a time?

Mike Martin: "It was tough. They were saying like you said four and five yards at a time, just going down the field slowly. It was tiring but coach Barwis and how much conditioning we go through during practice and stuff, it wasn't that bad. We did pretty well."

Question: Mike was there a common theme with any of those third and longs after reviewing it yesterday and going over some of it?

Mike Martin: "You mean like."

Question: Did you see something in all the third and longs that you guys made the same mistake repeatedly or something like that?

Mike Martin: "Not really. Nothing the same thing per se, just we got to buckle down. We were talking to each other when third down was coming up, like ‘we got to step', when that time comes, we had to step up as a defense together. We just got to practice more situations like that in practice. I'm guessing we'll do this week to handle it."

Question: Are you a fan of night games or do you not like it?

Mike Martin: "I'm a fan of night games. The noon games, because I'm not a morning person at all and I had to wake up from my eight a.m. workout this morning and I woke up out of bed, ‘just oh man'. I'm excited for this night game. I know it's going to be real hyped. I think everybody likes to play under lights, high school, college, pro – whatever. I think Iowa will be excited. We'll be excited. The fans will be excited."

Question: Do you watch tape on Monday?

Mike Martin: "No I haven't. I'll start after I go out of class today."

Question: How does playing next to Brandon Graham help you?

Mike Martin: "He helps me in a lot of ways. Obviously, he's just a great athlete. Just him as a person having him out there, he's a senior, he's been through it and I remember talking to him when it was a third just looking at him. He looks over at me and he's like, ‘come on Mike let's go'. Just little words that he says, little words of encouragement settles me down out on the field and I know I got BG and Ryan next to me, Craig Roh or Brandon Herron there at quick. I know just as how close we are – always settled out there."

Question: Do you see Brandon taking on two blockers more often than not; offense devoting two guys to him?

Mike Martin: "Yeah. Any offense has to account for BG just because he makes plays. So that does help out for us on the D-line. He's just a great player."

Question: Could you see some relief after he finally got a sack; I mean it has been five games and he finally got a sack, did he left loose a little bit after that?

Mike Martin: "Yeah. He hasn't said it, but I know he was getting a little nasty that he wasn't getting one. He was getting so close so many times in games and BG, he doesn't like to not get his sacks. In practice, he's always working hard during pass rush drills and things like that. I was glad that he got it done and he deserves it, definitely."

Question: A lot of people think that Iowa may have the best defense in the Big 10. You don't go against them obviously but when you get in a game like that, is it a little more incentive for the defense to step it up and show what you guys can do?

Mike Martin: "Yeah. We always try to make each other better during practice, but like you said, when we know that the offense has to go up against a really good defense, we always try to step it up. When (David) Molk went down and Moose (David Moosman) had to step up at center, I was trying to give him a look; he was trying to give me the best look he could, so we could try to make each other better. I know that is not his position that he was playing, but if I could give him the best look that he can get, it would make him better for the game. We'll try to step it up for him this practice, this week and hopefully he'll do great."

Question: What's the difference between those guys, Molk and Moosman? Do they do things differently in terms of trying to stop you?

Mike Martin: "It's funny. There two different type of centers, two different types of technique. Molk, he's got a real quick movement off the ball, after he snaps it, he's real good at getting his hand up, his off hand after he snaps it. Moose has got his really good attributes. He's real good at getting in front of you, blocking you off the ball. They're both really good centers and I know Moose will do his thing."

Question: You and Molk worked so hard against each other to get prepared for this season, could you feel for him when he's sitting out now?

Mike Martin: "Yeah. I'm always over at Dave's house hanging out, because he stays with Ryan Van Bergen and Steve Watson. I was there last weekend or last week and he was sitting on the couch with his boot on and I could just feel his pain, because I know he wants to be out there. Today, he was in the weight room a little bit, doing power cleans and things like that. He was doing a good job. He was just so happy to be out there just lifting with us. Because he's had to sit and watch us work out for the past couple of weeks, however long he's been out. I miss him out there. He's my buddy, and he gives me a good luck and makes me better. I know he's going to try and get out as soon as he can."

Question: What is he telling you about when he wants to get back; any date?

Mike Martin: "He cracks jokes. He watches practice film and he's like, ‘Mike, you're not going as hard out there since I'm not out there' and he tries to kick me in my butt a little bit and make sure I'm going as hard as I can during practice even though he is not out there."

Question: Mike this is sort of off topic, but did you hear what happened to Stefan Johnson at USC last week?

Mike Martin: "No."

Question: He was lifting weight…

Mike Martin: "Oh yeah."

Question: How freaky is that when you hear something like that?

Mike Martin: "When I heard that it happened on the bench press, I was just like, man. Because I know how much weight we put on and I know he wasn't lifting light weight. I know he had a lot of weight on there. I couldn't manage 400 pounds coming down on your throat. Maybe he just got a bad grip bar or something, but I know Mike Barwis, he always spots my group during when we bench and stuff; I know if it was going to slip out of my hand, he'd probably catch it in midair (laughter) and put it back on the rack or something like that."

Question: Does he spot your group because you guys lift more than any groups?

Mike Martin: "He's like our head; Chris Allen, Parker Whiteman, they all have a certain group of guys that they stay with during the workout. Mike's our guy. I work out with Brandon Graham, Dave, a couple of guys. I remember one day, somebody was squatting and it was like 550 pounds or something like that and they couldn't lift it up, so they put the bars on the side to catch it and Mike, I was helping him on the other side to lift it up and he had the bar up faster than I did, because I just got done lifting and he did it with just one arm, bicep and lifted it up. I was like ‘Man, geez' and he was like, ‘Yep, old man still got it' (laughter)."

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