Michigan Wants To Get To Know Beau Allen

A later name in the recruiting process, the Minnesota product is soaring high now with plenty of big time offers. His most recent offer came when the Maize and Blue stepped forward -- what does he think of U-M?

Beau Allen has only had his name thrust into the recruiting spotlight since the early to mid summer, long after a lot of names have been discovered. That hasn't stopped the likes of big name programs like Notre Dame, UCLA and most recently, Michigan, from throwing their names in the hat.

"They are my most recent offer. I think it was like a month or two ago, it was out of the blue, but it was still really exciting," Allen told GoBlueWolverine. "I think they deserve a look, definitely. I'm playing it by ear, but I'm definitely going to check them out."

That is welcome news for the Wolverines, who have spent much of the early recruiting process focusing on shoring up their offensive side of the ball. The latter months have shown an increased effort to bring attention the defensive side of the ball.

So adding those pieces to the puzzle, it's clear that Allen will become a recruit they could go full force for, and their early efforts on and off the field have caught his attention.

"I haven't been able to watch as many of their games as I would have liked, but I saw them play Notre Dame and they played well. They're four and one, and I saw a bit of the game last week against Michigan State. It's a defensive scheme I'm really interested in, with a drop back end. I'm a nose guard, and the line has looked pretty good from what I remember."

Allen definitely plays at a position of need along the defensive line, where depth has been questioned for quite some time. It's yet another potential ace in the hole for the Wolverines, should they choose to play that card.

"It's definitely something I consider for every school I look at. It's something I really, really take notice of."

Allen has become increasingly busy the past few weeks, with his high schools homecoming taking place, and work with school, so he hasn't had a chance to focus much on recruiting, but when he has the chance, he's looking for contact from the Maize and Blue.

"I actually haven't talked to them (Michigan) in a week or so, but that's because I've been really busy. They just said they want to get me out for a visit, and it's definitely a possibility. I look forward to getting to know the coaches better because they are my most recent offer and I just want to get to know their coaching staff."

Until that time comes, Allen only has two other visits planned for the rest of the 2009 calendar.

"I know I'm going to Notre Dame on, I think, the 23rd. And I'm probably going to visit Minnesota, which shouldn't be too hard. But other than that, I don't know yet."

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