Is Sam Keller Decommitting?

Is there fire, or just smoke? Our West Coast Correspondent Don Hoekwater just got off the phone with Roger Theder, former Cal coach and Tutor to Michigan commitment, Calif. quarterback Sam Keller.

I (Don Hoekwater) asked Theder if Sam Keller had taken a visit to ASU this weekend. His surprised reply was, "No, I don't know anything about that. I'll have to call Mike (Keller, Sam's father) and find out what's going on."

To add to the suspense, though, Theder did tell me that, "I've felt all along that ASU and Sam were a good fit." In addition he told me that Cal was completely out of the picture, putting to rest some earlier speculation I had after learning Sam's mother was pushing for him to stay close to home.

Theder added, "As far as I know Sam is still solid for Michigan," although he added that, "Sam had mixed feelings when he got back from his Michigan visit."

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