Postgame: RR, Player Direct Quotes

Coach Rod on 'words', on Tate and Denard, on Minor, on Woolfolk, on the long Iowa TDs ... and Troy Woolfolk, Brandon Minor, David Moosman.

Coach Rod - the denouement:
"The turnovers really hurt us."

'Words' on the sidelines? Coach Rod:
"There were no words on the sidelines. Are we going to try to create something that's not there? We were coaching. Tate -- our guys are very, very coachable. No players were having words. I don't know where that comes from."
"Tate was right behind us on the last drive, rooting us on, trying to help out Denard and all that. Tate was very supportive of our team late in that game."
"There is nothing there. No one is pointing fingers at anybody. Our guys are battling, and they are not quitting."
"You are trying to find stories that are not there."

Coach Rod on Denard for Tate
"Tate made a few plays he'd probably like to have back, but we made a change to get a little spark. Denard gave us a little spark - we just didn't finish it off."
On keeping Denard in for the final series: "It's always a feel thing. [Denard] did a fabulous job on that drive. It was all on him, throwing and running and all that. We had plenty of time even at the end there if we could have gotten a couple first downs. All we needed was a field goal."
"I've said it for six games now: Denard Robinson will play. You're looking for moments in the game to put him in and it didn't quite happen, but at the end we had pretty good field position. We put Denard in there and had a little plan with him, and he gave us a spark. End of story. Let's not create something that's not there. I've got two outstanding quarterbacks, three quarterbacks, and we did it. That's not the story of the game."
"I put Denard in to get a spark, and we got a spark. The spark was still lit. We made a couple plays, and we moved the ball, got a first down or so. We just threw a pick at the end. As the head coach I can do that. We can decide what we want to do."
"It's what we decided to do. I thought Denard was performing pretty well, but the last one we'd like to have back."

Coach Rod The two long passes to TE Tony Moeaki
"I am going to have to watch the film on that. You can see their eyes were in the wrong place. There was some miscommunication. But it is frustrating. You make so many plays, and then there is something wide open like this."

Coach Rod On Troy Woolfolk to cornerback:
"We talked about doing that regardless of what happened with Boubacar. I thought he played pretty well. He tweaked his ankle a little bit but he played pretty well at the corner, and he and Donovan I think have at least solidified that position."

Coach Rod also said Troy "tweaked his ankle."

Coach Rod On Brandon Minor:
"Brandon is still hurting a little bit. He's not 100 percent. He practiced a little more this week than he had been, and I knew he was juiced up."
"I'm really proud of him. I know he had the one fumble there that they raked out, but boy did he run hard. He's a physical presence. We're different when Brandon Minor's healthy. We're a different offensive team and he did a nice job."

Coach Rod on Carlos Brown's concussion:
"I don't think it was a major one. We're hoping it'll be cleared up for next week."

Coach Rod on Boubacar Cissoko:
"Boubacar has been suspended for violation of team rules, so he did not make the trip. When he comes back is really up to him. He's got certain things he's got to do on and off the field, academically and all that. If he does them he'll be back sooner than later. I'll keep you informed."


Troy Woolfolk on Iowa going away from him in the first half:
"I was like really shocked. I asked myself, 'Why aren't they attacking me, the fresh, young blood in the water.' They just kept going to Donovan."

David Moosman:
"We had a shot at beating Iowa ... This one we played tough, hard, 60 minutes ... we just lost."

Brandon Graham:
"We are 4-2 now. We will keep fighting. We will keep on going."

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