Moosman Sees Improvement; More Work Ahead

Michigan senior offensive lineman David Moosman reflects on the 30-28 loss to Iowa and discusses the improvement of the offensive line, the mental state of the freshman QBs, his progress at center, the team's progress to this point, and more.

Question:  So how is center?

David Moosman:  "It went great this week, not perfect… wish we won.  The snaps were good.  I finally got my rhythm with that.  I feel comfortable in there, because I played it a while ago and I feel 100% back in the groove."

Question:  At the same time are you looking forward to getting (David) Molk back and you can move back to your natural position?

David Moosman:  "I don't know where my natural place is.  I guess on the line in the middle is my natural place.  So whether that is at center or right guard, it doesn't matter that much.  It'll be a little bit different going back to guard.  It's a little bit different positions.  There are advantages and disadvantages."

Question:  What is the biggest thing that you had to learn just about playing center; the most difficult part of that transition?

David Moosman:  "Well the guy is about six inches away from my face and a lot bigger than the three techniques usually are, but I come down on them at guard every once in a while, so I guess the biggest thing is just the quickness – the contact.  It's just all right away and I got one hand between my legs while they are hitting me in the face.  That's fun (laughter)."

Question:  Did you know that a timeout had been called when you snapped the ball out of the back of the end zone?

David Moosman:  "I knew that something was going down.  I thought he was calling for it.  That was my fault, but it didn't affect anything."

Question:  What's the team attitude like right now?

David Moosman:  "We're ready to go.  We watch the film, go over this week.  Last week wasn't an issue for the Iowa game.  We want to get after Delaware State and get back into our previous state before these last couple of games."

Question:  Is it tough to play this type of games; against a team that is one and three against 1-AA competition; it's not Iowa or a Big Ten team?

David Moosman:  "I'm haven't watched their film yet.  We are going to start getting in to that this week of how well they could have played.  It doesn't really matter.  It doesn't matter if we were going up against Iowa, Penn State, Delaware State, Ohio State; we're going to go and play the best game we can.  We want to execute.  We want to play hard, regardless of who they put out there.  You guys could come out there and we'd probably play the same."

Question:  Probably harder.

David Moosman:  "Yeah maybe."

Question:  Tate (Forcier) and Denard (Robinson) have had a couple of miscues, turnovers in the last couple of weeks; as a leader on offense, do you kind of counsel them after that a little bit and try to keep them going?

David Moosman:  "I try.  I made mistakes this game.  It happens.  They're young.  It is a tough environment, but yeah, I try to make sure that they know they are not alone.  Everybody makes mistakes, they are just really in the spotlight, I'm not so much.  I've got about a 1000 pounds on each side me, or 700… depends.  The O-line, you only get attention when you mess up, but the quarterbacks is just a tough spot.  I don't know how I'd deal with that, so I try to give them a little bit of love."

Question:  What was Denard like that last drive in the huddle?

David Moosman:  "Before, we were ready to go.  Kind of the same thing about who's in front of us.  For the offensive line, it doesn't matter whose behind us, we're going to block for them and keep the D-line off of them and try to help them make plays.  He looked like he was ready to go.  He was ready to go that drive before.  It was great.  He was great that drive.  He just made a mistake."

Question:  Not dazzled, not anything, he was just his normal…?

David Moosman:  "I can never tell with those guys. They're always kind of mellow."

Question:  Rich said a couple of weeks ago or maybe last week that Molk brings an attitude, he sets the tone for the offensive line, is that something is something that a center needs to do and is that something that you've tried to bring as you've filled in for him?

David Moosman:  "I hope I can do half as well as Molk did at center.  He definitely brings his own style to the position and I got a different style.  I hope to think that my style gets the job done as well.  About an attitude for the offensive line, we try and this is sort of a repeated theme.  It's got to be a day in and day out thing.  Regardless of circumstance, regardless of feeling, regardless of injury, the offensive line needs to be at 100% and full motor.  Molk brings his full motor, so we just got to I guess bring ours as well."

Question:  You said you bring your style, what's your style?

David Moosman:  "If you ask the other guys, I'm sure they'll say mine is a little bit less… regimented would be the best word.  I feel like I'm a little bit more relaxed than Molk sometimes.  He gets really fired up and I'm more of a calm guy.  I do things a little bit better than him in some areas and he does things a little bit better than me in other areas, the pros and cons."

Question:  Midpoint of the season right now, just assess where you guys are at and what kind of the biggest hurdle that is ahead.

David Moosman:  "We don't want those two losses, I can't say that enough, but we've come out and played hard.  I feel for six games and that's great.  We've already done better than last year.  That was definitely a goal, but we got a long way to go.  We got a lot of big games.  We got a lot of teams that we want to beat.  We got a lot of work to do."

Question:  After hearing that he broke his foot (Molk) and went through that whole game and the offensive player of the game or whatever that was; can we not even understand how difficult that is to play on a broken foot?

David Moosman:  "It takes a different type of person and Molk is that type of person.  You need to not be able to think about it.  You got to keep going and not stop.  He's that kind of guy.  He's a real tough kid – real tough guy.  He just kind of put it out of his mind.  It's a tough thing to put out of your mind, you're kind of walking on it, or he's trying to run on it and pushing on it.  It was a great game for him and he's a great player, so hopefully he can bring that back soon."

Question:  Did you guys as lineman know that it was broken; did he say anything to you?

David Moosman:  "He was hobbling; we just thought he was a wimp (laughter); I'm just kidding.   We saw something was wrong.  Like I said, you don't really want to know as the player until after the game, then you ice it up and figure out what's wrong.  I guess it's kind of like this concussion thing.  Actually, I just read an article, The New Yorker out a little thing about how players used to just keep going.  Like coach Rod said, it was just a headache back in the day and sometimes for the game you just want it to be a headache.  Sometimes it's a concussion and sometimes it's a broken foot."

Question:  Have you been concussed before?

David Moosman:  "I don't think so.  I think I would know.  I've never been ill because I was hit in the head, so nothing too terrible."

Question:  You said The New Yorker; how often do you read The New Yorker? Do any of your teammates read The New Yorker

David Moosman:  "I don't know.  I read it every once in a while.  A friend of mine sent me this article.  My mom gave me a subscription, so I read it when it's around.  I like it, good stuff."

Question:  You had a shoulder injury; how challenging was that; you missed a game?

David Moosman:  "It wasn't fun.  I was kind of hoping that Molk would not get hurt so that maybe I could get another week of rehab in.  As it was, I got in there, it was the kind of thing like I said you don't want to think about it.  Got through, played well, needed to play better.  Now it is fine."

Question:  How this experience at center been different than when you subbed in earlier in your career?

David Moosman:  "Shotgun is a lot different.  It is easy to just hand off to just whoever is close behind you and it was a different style offense.  We do a lot of the same things.  We are starting to get back to it now this year, but I guess shotgun is the biggest difference, but everything else is really the same.  The defense play is about the same."

Question:  So the drive when Tate was under center and you guys were in the I-formation…?

David Moosman:  "Yeah that's right up my alley.  I like how it is downhill.  Those couple of drives – Iowa hasn't given up a rushing touchdown in how many quarters and we got three of them.  It's a badge of honor I guess and right when we got under center and we just go back and forth, we knew that it was on the offensive line; offensive line and running backs.  We just came together and just pushed through and got it."

Question:  Did you guys talk about that streak of them not giving up a rushing touchdown in 33 quarters; was that as offensive lineman a goal coming into the game?

David Moosman:  "Yeah, definitely.  We wanted to establish a running game that didn't happen against Michigan State and wasn't so good against Indiana.  We wanted to get back to that and we had a tough challenge.  This team was one of the best defensive lines in the country, as is evident by their ranking and Iowa is a good solid team based on solid play and defense and just hard nosed football and that's what they brought."

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