Brandent Englemon Day

There is a lot going on recruiting-wise right now, but even so the 'main event' for football recruiting is the official visit this weekend of defensive back/'athlete' Brandent Englemon from the Cincinnati suburbs. We will have a series of articles on Brandent today. Here's the first: how serious is Englemon about possibly decommitting to Michigan? We asked Brandent himself.

Yours truly reached defensive back Brandent Englemon (6-0, 180 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 4.0+ GPA) from Covington, Kentucky, Holmes after he got hopme from basketball practice and was taking care of his younger siblings.

Brandent, you're visiting Michigan this weekend?

"Yes. I'm coming up tomorrow (Friday)."

Is this visit just a whim, or is it serious?

"I committed to Kentucky in November, not having any 'bigger' offers on the table. Coach Herrmann told me during the football season that he'd come back in January if Michigan had a scholarship available. He kept his word -- last week he came to my school and offered me a scholarship."

So you had this in the back of your mind all along?

"Yeah, sort of."

If you like what you see this weekend, might you go ahead and commit to Michigan?

"Yeah, possibly."

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