Josh Furman enjoys visit

Josh Furman visited Virginia Tech last weekend. He talks to GBW about the coaches, the players and what position they want him to play ... and where things now stand.

As it often is when recruits visit a college, they a look for something to hang their hat on, something that catches their eye about being there. Some times it is the atmosphere or the football game. For Josh Furman it was something that was important to him.

"It was the camaraderie among the players I really enjoyed how close they are with each other," he told GoBleWolverine. "The togetherness of the players and how they hang out as a team."

That is not to say he didn't appreciate additional parts of the visit.

"I have visited Virginia Tech before so I was familiar with the surroundings; my host was a freshman who was redshirting -- his name was Tyreke Edwards. He was really cool, just talking to me about the ins and outs of Virginia Tech. Blacksburg is a great town and the people are great there. The visit went really well."

Virginia Tech is very interested in Josh and what he brings to the table as far as his speed and football skills. They have a position already that they feel would suit him just fine.

"They would like me to play the whip position. It is like a safety/linebacker hybrid, something similar to the position Steve Brown of Michigan plays -- close to the line."

Josh and his father had a chance to speak with the coaches.

"Coach Beamer talked with my dad about the staff, the team and things like that. Coach Beamer really let me know how much they want me down there."

Mr. Furman was able to meet someone from his days at Maryland.

"My dad had a chance to talk with Jim Cavanaugh linebackers coach; he coached at Maryland when my dad played there."

Furman still does not have his mind made up. He is still making sure he takes his time with the process.

"Right now I am just gathering my thoughts," he said. "I had two solid visits at Michigan and Virginia Tech, and I would like to go over each one, the pros and con of each one, to see where everything stands. I am also considering taking a visit to Maryland as well. I will be talking it over with my father and just see where we are ... and just take our time so that we make the best decision for me."

Michigan and Virginia Tech's staff's are coming at him hard and he appreciates it.

"Both schools are really recruiting me hard. I don't have a leader at this time but I do like the way they are recruiting me."

Michigan, Virginia Tech, Maryland and West Virginia are all still in the mix -- but there is a new school emerging.

"I spoke with Miami's recruiting coordinator last Sunday, Aubrey Hill, and he wants to see some film on me."

How serious is Miami remains to be seen, but their interest has been pique about the athlete with the 4.3 speed. Old Mill Senior High School will be sending film down to Miami for the Hurricanes coaching staff to see.

Where does Michigan stand in all of this?

"Michigan's staff has been writing me a lot, and Coach Rodriguez has been writing me ... he keeps it short and to the point I like that. He always ends it with GO Blue! Coach Dews called me Tuesday, but we didn't have the chance to talk ... but we will talk soon."

It is quite clear that making a decision is really on his mind, whether he makes it soon or at the Crab Bowl, because his last words to me before we got off the phone were: "This is a big decision that I am making, and I am just not sure when I will do it ... but I know I would like to do it when it feels right."

What that means is more letters, more phone calls from coaches, and possibly more visits to colleges.

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