Wed. Coach Rod Presser: Full Transcript

The full transcript of Coach Rod's press conference before practice this afternoon: injury reports and more.

Question: Did you anticipate Bill Martin's announcement or did this come as a surprise?

Coach Rodriguez: "No. Bill has always told me that when he took the job nine or so years ago that it was going to be on a interim basis and ___ for a short period of time. Here it is nine years later. I think he's really enjoyed it. Obviously he has always been a big supporter of the football program and what he's done facility wise and fiscally for the department it has been amazing. It's going to be sad to see him go because he has been very close with us here as we've gone. I certainly appreciate everything that he's done for us since I've been here in a little less than two years."

Question: Is there any story that you can maybe share with us?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah got a lot of stories. Don't know if we got time to tell them all. We probably had a lifetime of stories in less than two years. I think it is natural when you have a transition and athletic directors, I'm one of the hires that he and the administration brought in, but we've had a lot of laughs and we've had a few tough moments, but I'm hoping that over the next 10-12 months that he has left as athletic director that we have a lot of good moments to share as well, because we went through some pain together and we'd like to have some good moments for sure."

Question: Will you have any input?

Coach Rodriguez: "I think sometimes. The administration will get input from a lot of different areas and a lot of different facets. We've got a terrific president. I think Mary Sue Coleman is absolutely one of the best there is and I know she and the administration will have a plan to follow and I'm sure they will get a lot of input from a lot of areas. I'm just trying to get a first down against Penn State."

Question: Will David Molk be there to help you do that? Did he practice?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yes he did. He did quite a bit yesterday in full pads and the report today from the trainers is that he handled it well. He was a little sore and that is to be expected, but I think he came through it all well, so I think he should be fine for Saturday."

Question: How about Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown?

Coach Rodriguez: "Brown did everything and Minor was limited, very similarly to what he has been the last several weeks. We've been handling it with caution with Brandon in the hopes that he can play Saturday because we need him to play in particular – we need him in all games, but this game we need his physical presence in there."

Question: Is that because he (Brandon) had a great first half against them last year?

Coach Rodriguez: "No, just because we look our most effective offensively, we have him as a physical presence not only in the run game but in protection and some of the other things that he does for our offense. Carlos is fine and the other guys are getting better, but I'll know a little bit better after today's practice."

Question: You anticipate Molk starting at center?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yes. Molk starting at center, (David) Moosman at guard and tackle, stay tuned."

Question: Is Floyd back in the mix?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah. I saw JT last night after practice and he said that he's feeling a lot better. He was really hit pretty hard I think with the flu. He feels a lot better now, so hopefully he'll get back into the mix and play some for us."

Question: It wasn't the swine flu variety was it?

Coach Rodriguez: "I don't believe so."

Question: When you think about your relationship with Bill Martin 20 years from now; what about him as a person do you think that you'll remember the most?

Coach Rodriguez: "We have, Sally, his wife and my wife Rita have gotten close and again, we've had some fun moments, even though there have been times that haven't been as much fun. We've had a lot of fun moments as well and he's a good person. He loves the University of Michigan. I think he has shown that – he showed it to me in the last two years, but I think anybody that has followed for the last nine year or so since he has been in the athletic department, his love for the University, I think it has shown through."

Question: Did he take you out on the boat?

Coach Rodriguez: "No I didn't get a chance. I haven't gotten a chance to get on the water too much. I know he's been talking about maybe making a trip sometime. He's got a place somewhere in the (Florida) Keys and get down there. But I've been so busy, but we will in the future."

Question: In the transition do you worry at all because obviously there will be a new boss in at some point?

Coach Rodriguez: "I think as a coach all you can do is worry about what you can control. I think sometimes it is natural for people, even coaches to worry about external things I guess, not that this would be external; its internal, but I think as a coach all you can do and worry about is what you can control and for me its trying to build the best football program in America. That's the task that we were put in front of us and that's the task that we work on daily. If you do that and you have some success and you're fortunate to show the progress than you'll be fine as any coach will tell you."

Question: Ideally would what you like to see in the next AD?

Coach Rodriguez: "I really haven't thought much about it. I think that is a fair question, but I think you want somebody with the same type of love for this University that Bill Martin has and someone that understands athletics and student-athletes and what coaches want to ____. You are going to be able to find that, not just here but anywhere, but we have a great institution. Again, our president and our administration, they'll have a good plan and I'm sure they'll have a great AD coming in here."

Question: Would you prefer someone who has dealt with someone who has dealt with some sort of football program…?

Coach Rodriguez: "I haven't really put much thought into that. Again, I'm only worried about what I can control. I think all coaches want someone that understands athletics, but I don't think there is anybody that wants the position that doesn't understand athletes. It is going to come naturally with the people that want to have the job. I'm sure that all the coaches will…not just myself, but all the coaches would be interested in it because everybody wants to know who their immediate boss is going to be. They are most of them like me, in season just worried about the task in hand today."

Question: In your experience, do you feel that job has become more of a business job than an athletics job?

Coach Rodriguez: "I think it has become more multifaceted than it has in the past, and that's natural…fundraising, facility raising, fundraising and the fiscal aspects of it, but the media and everything is so much more transparent now as an athletic department and in sports. I think the job has become more entailed than it ever has and just like the coaches job has changed a little bit. I think all athletic directors understand that."

Question: _________?

Coach Rodriguez: "______ when they watch film, these front guys are pretty good. We're going to have to play a little better. I was really pleased, not always technique wise were at our best but effort wise and battling wise, I was really proud of their line that game. They really got challenged. I think they see the same thing this week on film. Our guys are pretty sharp. You show them the film, oh boy, I'd better have my A game ready for this one."

Question: How has Stevie Brown looked?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah, he's been real solid. He's a great leader first and foremost. He's a fifth year senior. He's a guy that we rely on quite a bit to lead the guys up front. He's bigger and stronger than he's been. He has really worked hard just in the short time that we've been here to develop himself into a really solid player. I think he's had an outstanding year."

Question: ______ yesterday?

Coach Rodriguez: "Tate (Foricer) looked good. I think some of you have interviewed him and I know I know I've talked to him and he said he feels better than he has in about three weeks. The head thing has cleared up. Even with his shoulder, he's able to get more zip on the ball and run around. Again, we haven't had a full practice on Tuesday for about three weeks, so hopefully that help us with execution on Saturday."

Question: Has it just been timing?

Coach Rodriguez: "Oh yeah, our timing is still off at time. I don't want to say somewhat unexpected, but see on the road at times, particularly with freshman and guys that haven't been together for a long time. I certainly think the execution part and not just in the passing game, but the run game will get better as these guys continue to practice more."

Question: Has Renaldo Sagessee been slowed physically by anything, or how has he been coming along?

Coach Rodriguez: "He's coming along fine. We traveled a little bit. Renaldo is still learning. He's not played a whole lot and we've challenged him to play a little bit lower at times and get some things working on his technique. The guy that has probably played the best as far as coming in with the second group has been Greg Banks. He's played as well as the starters. He's the first guy in. I've really been pleased. He's been more consistent than any of those other guys coming in on the second group."

Question: Do you anticipate Minor starting at tailback?

Coach Rodriguez: "It really depends this week on how today goes. It would have been tomorrow, but if he can do most of everything today and tomorrow than he'll be the starter, but it'll also kind of depends on what play we want to run as to whether he or Carlos Brown is the starter."

Question: (Too far from mic)

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah. It occurred last week in practice and nothing in the game. His injury is such that he could just be running and not even be contact and it tweaks a little bit and it is sore for another two or three days. It's kind of a day to day thing. We just keep our fingers cross that nothing gets tweaked."

Question: You mentioned Floyd, is there that Troy Woolfolk moves back to safety?

Coach Rodriguez: "No not this week. We need more corners anyways and I think if we get in a pinch we could put Troy back there, but there is so much different teaching to learn and we want Troy to get settled in at corner and have Boubacar (Cissoko) to get solid there. Depends on how Floyd goes or some of those other guys, we'll see what happens."

Question: You mentioned Boubacar, is he back now?

Coach Rodriguez: "It's day to day. It really depends on the next couple of days on whether he plays or not on Saturday. He will not start but whether he dresses or is allowed to travel or has an opportunity to play depends on what he does the next few days."

Question: Given an ideal situation, would you want Woolfolk at cornerback or safety?

Coach Rodriguez: "That's a good question. We've brought that back and forth – I was talking to the defensive staff. I think they feel as coaches that they are more comfortable with Troy out at corner and trying to develop some more depth, some more competition at safety. Again, an injury could change that. But as we stand today, we feel good with Troy at cornerback."

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