Morgan Trent Bleeds Blue

Yours truly just got a phone call from the mother of Orchard Lake St. Mary's top-rated junior wideout <B>Morgan Trent</b>. "We couldn't reach you because we're traveling." But, what she had to say is very exciting!

The mother of the top-rated junior instate wide receiver, Morgan Trent (5-11, 175 lbs., 4.4 in the 40) from Orchard Lake, Mich., St. Mary's just called yours truly on her cell phone.

"We couldn't reach you, Tom, because we're traveling. Yes, Coach Carr was at Morgan's school this week. And yes, Morgan did commit to Michigan!"

"Morgan was looking at a few schools. But he was sold on Michigan. We said to him, 'Put yourself in Lamarr Woodley's position, where you could pretty much have your pick of any school in the country. What school would you pick?' And he said, 'The University of Michigan!"

"We didnt have any impact on Morgan's decision, but we just told him if that's how you feel, why wait? In his heart he already knew. He told us, 'I want to go to Michigan and play for Coach Carr.' He feels it's a real honor to play for Coach Carr."

More on Morgan to come soon!

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