Steve Schilling on the game today

Steve Schilling on the game today, and on Tate-n-Denard, and David Molk.

Question: Can you talk about what this match is going to be like, Coach Rodriguez talked about Jared Odrick and what you remember from last year and how good he is?

Steve Schilling: "Odrick's a great player. I remember going against him last year and two years ago too. Last year not as much, because I was on the outside. For some reason I remember it more two years ago, but I played against him in the Army All-American game our senior year too. A little bit of history, I know of him, don't know if he knows of me. He's a great player and watching film this week, it is going to be really important to pick up some keys that could help me and I think it is going to be a big match up and I'm looking forward to it."

Question: If David Molk were to return, how confident that you guys would pick up right where you left off?

Steve Schilling: "I'm real confident. I've played with David now for two years. Moose (David Moosman) has been able to gel pretty well in there, but Molk has been around. He's been to meetings. He knows any changes that we've made the last couple of weeks, little things. He'll be able to pick it up, he's a smart player and our chemistry wouldn't go away I don't think."

Question: Knowing what you know about Molk; do you expect him out there on Saturday?

Steve Schilling: "I think so. I think he wanted to play last week but coach wanted to give him a little more rest I think. He's been wanting to play since he broke the foot in the second half against Eastern (Michigan), so he'll be out there for sure. It's going to come down to coaches and trainers, but if it were up to him, he'd be out there."

Question: Stevie Brown was talking about running the table from here on out and going to the Rose Bowl; Rich said he doesn't want the guys thinking about that; where are you at?

Steve Schilling: "Our goal every year is to the win the Big Ten and go to the Rose Bowl, but we've had a couple of slip ups so far. We understand that we probably need to win the rest of our games to even have a shot at that with some help. I think the important thing is to take it one game at a time. If you look ahead, it is going to cause us one of those slip ups, which we can't afford. Just taking it one game at a time, worrying about Penn State this week and then figuring out who we got the next week."

Question: Do you feel like you should be a better second half team given that you guys in key spots that haven't played before?

Steve Schilling: "I think so. Every game people get a little bit better, especially guys that didn't have any experience coming in, our freshman that are playing. Coach Rodriguez talked to us before last weeks game that midpoint teams either rise or fall, no one stays the same. I think everybody is pushing each other to make sure that we get better as the season goes on."

Question: Can you talk about what the return of David Molk might bring to the offensive line mentality wise?

Steve Schilling: "Dave's a great player and it's great having him out there. Being able to play with him the last couple of years has been great and I think he helps all of us. He's smart and he gets up in the right calls and the right adjustments. If he's able to come back this week, it is going to be a good boost for our team."

Question: How are Tate (Forcier) and Denard (Robinson) different at game seven than say in game one?

Steve Schilling: "More confident I'm sure. Especially with Denard getting to run the offense a little bit more last week, even though it was Delaware State and it was a game that we were moving the ball pretty easily. I think him just getting out there and getting more game play in front of the audience and everything will help him settle in a little bit. Tate just more experience. He understands the grind of college football a little bit. It is a little different than high school by now and understands what it takes to win all your games, it's tough, it's hard to do and if you want to win the Big Ten, you got to come ready every week."

Question: What does it feel like setting the records that you guys did on Saturday? Is that something that you'll cherish?

Steve Schilling: "Yeah it's great. I didn't know we set any records until after the game, but every game, we as an offensive line are looking at the rushing totals and seeing what the next barrier is, 250, 200, 300, we got to get there by the end of the game, we got to get there. We saw 400 was within reach and we wanted 400. It was great to get and it was great to see all our backups get in there and still be able to run the ball and play well and get some experience, get to watch them have fun too."

Question: You talk about playing Odrick, what he is as a player?

Steve Schilling: "Odrick is a great player. Like I was saying earlier, I have some history with him the last couple of years and in high school at the Army game as well, where I played guard actually. I'm excited to go against him, because he's an All-American candidate, great player, one of the best in our league. I'm excited for the match up."

Question: Not that you guys are looking ahead, what is the overall confidence level of this team now going into the "so-called' second half of the season?

Steve Schilling: "I'd say we're pretty confident. Being five and two and being able to get that bowl eligibility this week, I think is a big boost to our confidence level coming in. Knowing that if we play well, we can get that sixth win and get eligible and also it's a big win for us as far as our standing in the conference. I think coming out of the season four and two and win this last game and sitting on that verge of being bowl eligible is going to help us."

Question: Does that mean anything that if you get one more win you'll be bowl eligible or is that kind of understood going into the season that was an expectation?

Steve Schilling: "It's always an expectation here. Like I said, our goal every year is to win the Big Ten and go to the Rose Bowl. Getting to six wins is nice, because you know that you are bowl eligible especially after last year with just fighting in week eight or nine trying to avoid being bowl eligible; it's nice to get that sixth win and move forward and not have to worry about anything like that."

Question: Last year help you appreciate wins more now?

Steve Schilling: "I always appreciate the wins. It's a tough feeling when you lose, you never want to have that feeling again every time it happens. Last year was rough and I think this year getting off to a four and oh start was great and those two weeks before this one were tough on our team and I think Saturday gave us some confidence going forward the rest of the Big Ten schedule."

Question: Stevie Brown says that he has played out in his head the scenario where you guys can get to the Rose Bowl; I', just curious if you have or how that talk is amongst the team.

Steve Schilling: "I think we all know there is a situation with Iowa being the only undefeated team left. We need some help. All we can do is worry about ourselves and if we win the rest of our games, it still might not happen. So we got to win our games and hopefully get some help along the way from other teams with some upsets and take it from there. Nothing that we can really control expect for our own games."

Question: Do you feel like you are going to know a lot about your team; I mean you know a lot, but playing Penn State, after that four and oh start, the two road losses, the tune up; do you feel like this is going to be a real measuring stick?

Steve Schilling: "I think so. Going against one of the best teams in the country is always a good measuring stick to see where you stand, especially in our league and in the country. They have a great team. They have a great defense too, so as an offense line, we have to do a lot of extra preparation this week and I'm looking forward to it."

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