Brandon Graham on What Happened

Brandon Graham gives a good sense of the mood of the team after the Penn State loss.

Question: You were one of the few bright spots out there; what happened?

Brandon Graham: "Just a bad day. They was the better team today. They came ready to play. We all came ready to play, but they just took advantage of our mistakes."

Question: Was there stuff that they were doing that you guys hadn't seen; did they have something different for you?

Brandon Graham: "Some stuff, but that's part of the game. We've got to adjust. We adjust but it was just a bad day."

Question: (Too much background noise)

Brandon Graham: "Just try to make a play. Try to spark some more energy from deep and I guess it was just turnovers that just killed us today."

Question: It seemed like every time you did something good like that…?

Brandon Graham: "Something bad happened. Like I said, it was just a bad day. It's just hard because I know we prepared so hard and everybody wanted it. It was just a bad day."

Question: This is for you guys three straight Big Ten losses are you concerned about where this season might be headed?

Brandon Graham: "Naw. Because it's all about how you finish. Right now, people not going to remember this right now, they going to remember how you finish and that's the goal right now, we've got to finish and that's the concentration."

Question: You've seen some of the Big Ten's elite teams now with Iowa and Penn State, do you think there is a comparison between them? Do you think Penn State is on another level?

Brandon Graham: "Penn State, they came. They came hard today. They just made big plays. It hurts. They took advantage of mistakes when we put the ball on the ground and it hurts. We just work so hard this week. We work hard every day. We talk about these bad games. We try not to beat ourselves and Penn State came in and took advantage."

Question: What separates you guys from being in that elite class right now? What do you lack?

Brandon Graham: "Turnovers. That's the biggest thing, if we don't beat ourselves. We want to get beat at our best. If we don't beat ourselves, it would be closer than that and who knows what might happen, but we lost and I give all the credit to Penn State; they came in and took care of business."

Question: Will it be harder to bounce back mentally from this one because it wasn't just like one play away from being able to pull it out?

Brandon Graham: "It's easy to bounce back. We just got to keep fighting. Boxers, you got to have a winner and a loser, we just don't want to beat ourselves and lose like that. We just got to go in and really work harder, so that we won't do that. That's all we got to do."

Question: Was it frustrating today after the first possession when you scored right away and they came back and immediately scored?

Brandon Graham: "Yeah that hurts too. You come out fresh, you want to have a quick three and out as a defense and it didn't happen. You don't want it to go back and forth. You want to take their spirit right away and it just didn't happen that way."

Question: Was there anything specific that Penn State was able to exploit?

Brandon Graham: "I don't know. We'll see on the film. I just know we all fought. We fought hard. We just got to get there a little quicker on the quarterback. Those big pass plays hurt us. We just got to get home up front a little faster."

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