Greg Mathews Talks About the Loss

Greg Mathew answers questions about Tate Forcier and many other things ...

Question: What was the biggest challenge today offensively for you guys?

Greg Mathews: "Just staying on the field. We wanted to keep our defense off the field as much as possible and convert third and longs and third downs and stay on the field as long as possible."

Question: Brandon was talking about turnovers, you guys have had nine now against the two best teams in the Big Ten Penn State and Iowa; what do you think explanation for how that happens?

Greg Mathews: "We just got to take care of the ball. It's tough to win when you turn the ball over. You have to take care of the ball. The momentum kind of swings when you turn the ball over, especially when your defense is playing well, so you have to take care of the ball as much as you can. Sometimes in certain situations a punt is not a bad thing. We just got to take care of the ball."

Question: Is any of that attributable to the weather?

Greg Mathews: "Well I don't believe that the weather really caused any turnovers. It wasn't too bad. It was kind of cold, but I don't believe the weather caused any turnovers."

Question: Could you have imagined after the first drive that you had that the game would turn out like that?

Greg Mathews: "No. We went down and scored, which is something that we wanted to do. Come out there and score early. Coach Rod told us no teams have scored on them in the first half, touchdown. We wanted to come out there and start fast, which we did. It is definitely frustrating to have the game finish like it did. As a senior, I'm not going to let this team fall apart. We just got to get ready to work and we got a big game coming up next Saturday. So we got to be ready."

Question: It seems like the quarterbacks have a regressed a little bit, ______?

Greg Mathews: "We're young. They're trying to make plays. They're trying, it's not like they aren't trying. They just have to be smart with the ball in certain situations. I'm sure that they are getting coached up. Coach Smith is coaching them; they just have to be smarter with the ball. I'm sure they will come out and work hard next week and do that."

Question: Penn State do anything differently defensively after that first drive?

Greg Mathews: "Naw. They gave us all the looks that we seen on film, defensively, coverage wise. We just have to execute on our part and when we turn the ball over, they don't have to do anything special defensively, so we just have to take care of the ball."

Question: Tate (Foricer) looks like a different quarterback than he did earlier in the season, it doesn't look like he is as comfortable; do you have any idea what is going on with him?

Greg Mathews: "No. I wouldn't be able to tell you. From my perspective, I just can kind of really focus on running my route and get open and making his job easier. I just have to as a senior receiver have to focus on getting open and make his job easier so he doesn't have to run around out there, he can drop back and be comfortable with me being where I'm supposed to be."

Question: It looked like his shoulder was bothering again today; is there a situation where you can tell the difference on his passes or his accuracy?

Greg Mathews: "No I couldn't tell the difference with any passes, but I'm sure a shoulder injury for a quarterback is something that is going to last probably a while, definitely being in the middle of the season. I'm sure he'll be alright."

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