Tate Forcier talks about the game

The freshman quarterback talks about the game, and what lies ahead.

Question: It looked like after the first drive you guys would be cooking all day, what happened after that first drive?

Tate Forcier: "I think we beat ourselves really. Their defense played great. You got to give them a lot of credit, but we made a lot of mistakes and that's our job and we've got to correct that and come back next week."

Question: How much was it losing David Molk and having to slide David Moosman over?

Tate Forcier: "Moose, he did great. You can't blame the line. Everybody had their mistakes. It would be nice to have Molk, but he got injured and we got to hope that he's back next week."

Question: Is your shoulder still a problem?

Tate Forcier: "I got banged up a little bit. I'm alright. I'll be back next week."

Question: How different has the Big Ten been for you with Iowa and Penn State the last couple of games versus the first three to four games?

Tate Forcier: "Really no different. I think almost every game we've played, I think a lot of it has been us beating ourselves, the mistakes that we need to correct and just move forward from there."

Question: It looks like you might be a little less comfortable; are we reading that wrong?

Tate Forcier: "No. Like I said, we just could making mistakes that we shouldn't be making and we've got to correct that as a team."

Question: Can you talk about the decision to spike the ball on third down at the end of the first half?

Tate Forcier: "We had no time outs left. So the clock was running and we just wanted to get the points on the board and the coaches made that decision and we kicked the field goal."

Question: Did you have time to run the same play that you wanted to run on second down do you think?

Tate Forcier: "No. Especially not with a running clock. It's just something that you can't take that risk especially when you have an opportunity to get those points. Coach Rod made the decision to take the field goal and we got the points."

Question: What happened on the hand off?

Tate Forcier: "It was just a low snap. The ball was wet. It really just slipped out of my hand."

Question: You mentioned making mistakes but since the Big Ten season started, it looks like defenses have had an eye on you more; have you felt that physically that they've made you more uncomfortable?

Tate Forcier: "Like I said, I could say it a 1000 times – we're beating ourselves. There are reads that I'm not making that I need to be making. A lot of it is preparation and a lot of that is on me. I just got to prepare myself better for next week."

Question: After a loss like this are you angry, frustrated, embarrassed; what are you?

Tate Forcier: "Were just hungry. We want to keep winning. Penn State is a great team. They're going to have a great rest of the season. In regards to us, we just got to keep battling."

Question: Rich reminded us again that you're a freshman, do you want people to remember that or ______?

Tate Forcier: "No. I want to play the way I'm capable of playing and I want people to expect me to play the way I've played in the first part of the season and like I said that's on my part just preparing mentally."

Question: Is this the best defense you've seen this year?

Tate Forcier: "They were good. A lot of plays were there, just kept making the same mistakes."

Question: You said you were making mistakes, is it a mental thing, do you need to preparation?

Tate Forcier: "A lot of it is like I said a lot of mental mistakes but that's on me. I've got to go back and look at the film and see the choices I've made, the decisions I made and where I went wrong with them and correct them."

Question: All the other games you've had this year, you had a chance at the end to win, not today, just your thoughts on how difficult it is in the second half and they come out and you see no light at the end of the tunnel?

Tate Forcier: "They played great. Penn State is a good team. They are going to have a great rest of the season and sometimes it's just not your day and today was one of them."

Question: Now that you've had your third Big Ten loss, have your goals readjusted for the end of the season?

Tate Forcier: "No. We are going to keep playing. We want to keep winning and come out with the best record that we can possibly come out with."

Question: What are your thoughts when you watch from the sideline and Daryl Clark four touchdown passes?

Tate Forcier: "He played great. I told him, have a great rest of the season. You guys are a heck of a team, he thanked me and said keep your head up and it just went from there. He's a great quarterback and I'm excited to see the way his career goes."

Question: You said earlier that you got a little banged up; was it the shoulder again?

Tate Forcier: "Yeah, but I'm fine. I played through it. I'll be fine. I'll be practicing next week."

Question: What happened on the safety?

Tate Forcier: "It was just loud down there and Mooseman didn't hear me. I didn't say anything, I don't know why he snapped it, he did and you just got to live with it."

Question: Wow those are your fans.

Tate Forcier: "It happens."

Question: Talk about mistakes, is that the difference with Penn State, they turn that mistake not only into two points, but into nine points; score a touchdown the very next play. You guys block a punt and turn the ball right over; is that simply execution between these two teams or is there something more there?

Tate Forcier: "Yeah, its mistakes. That's on us as a team. We got to correct that. They are successful with their turnover. They took advantage of it."

Question: You said it was loud down there, did you hear the Penn State fans a little louder than some of the other teams that have come here this season?

Tate Forcier: "No. All the fans, Notre Dame, they're all equal. You just got to come back and battle next week."

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