Michigan Makes Mark on Zeigler & Family

Mt. Pleasant (MI) SG Trey Zeigler made his way to Ann Arbor for his official visit last weekend. The talented youngster had already been to Michigan a number of times before, so this visit was about getting to know a different aspect of the Maize & Blue… and he came away extremely impressed.

Sam Webb:  So break it down for me…  How was it?  How did the visit go?

Trey Zeigler:  "It went well.  I had a lot of fun.  The biggest thing was just getting my mom and my grandmother down there and getting them to see the campus and meet the coaching staff and things like that.  I've been down there so many times.  I already know everybody.  The biggest thing for me was getting to talk to the team.  There are certain guys that I've hung out with since I've been up there, but I really got to talk to the whole team."

Sam Webb: Take me through your day Saturday.

Trey Zeigler:  "Saturday in the morning, we had breakfast and then watched the open practice.  My mom, Evan and his family… we met the president, president of Michigan and then after that we met with admission people and then we went to the game.  We actually got to sit in the (football) locker room before the game.  Me, Carlton (Brundidge) and Evan (Smotrycz) got to sit in and listen to Coach Rodriguez's pregame stuff, right before they went on the field.  Then we went to the game and then after that, we went to Coach Beilein's for dinner.  After that, I went out with Darius (Morris) and Jordan Morgan, Manny and Peedi."

Sam Webb:  Who on the team hadn't you really gotten to hang with that you hung with this time?

Trey Zeigler:  "Really the only guy was (Matt) Vogrich, Blake (McLimans); just new guys that I haven't really seen or seen outside of walking around and stuff like that.  I got to spend time with Evan too so that was good. I got to talk to everybody a little bit."

Sam Webb:  So was it just talking or did you get a chance to play with them at all?

Trey Zeigler:  "I didn't play.  They had a regular practice on Friday and then on Saturday, they had their open practice to the public, but I didn't play though."

Sam Webb:  So Darius was obviously your host on the visit.  That's your guy; was he putting it on pretty strong while you were there?

Trey Zeigler:  "Naw.  He was just real laid back about it.  He was just telling me what I need to know.  Anything that I asked him, he answered honestly.  He was real good.  Last night, me, him, Manny (Harris) and Peedi (DeShawn Sims) hung out.  The night before that, it was me, Evan, Darius and Zack Novak.  I got to hang out with everybody so it was good."

Sam Webb:  What kind of vibe did you get off Evan; I think you said you all had talked to each other before, but what's your feeling now that you had a chance to spend some extended time with him?

Trey Zeigler:  "He's a funny guy.  He's going to be really good.  I think he might have grown a little bit.  He's a legit 6'9".  He's going to be able to do a lot of different things."

Sam Webb:  You said this visit was more about your mom and grandmother seeing Michigan.  That being the case, give me their takes.  What did mom and grandma have to say about it?

Trey Zeigler:  "I think they liked it a lot.  Them being around the staff, they felt at home with them.  They got to meet the wives of all the coaches.  All the wives came around and that was really important for them, because they like to have that vibe with the coach's wives and stuff like that.  So that was good for them.  They got to see the campus.  My grandma has never seen it.  My mom had come up last spring with me one time.  It was good for them to see everything and meet all the people that would be involved."

Sam Webb:  Your grandma stays in Detroit, right?

Trey Zeigler:  "Actually she just moved up here with us."

Sam Webb:  That's on your mom's side?

Trey Zeigler:  "Yeah.  Both my grandmothers.  My dad's mom lives with us too."

Sam Webb:  Your grandmother and mom went on this visit, but the last couple you went on your own; have you set up any other visits and are they going to go with you on any of those other visits?

Trey Zeigler:  "I haven't set up any other ones.  Most likely my dad with his busy schedule, he is not going to be able to make any others.  If I do end up going somewhere else, it is a possibility that my mom and my grandmother come with me."

Sam Webb:  Where else might you go at this point?

Trey Zeigler:  "Right now Arizona, Michigan State or Providence."

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