The Kraus' On Kirston Pittman

This past Wednesday there was an award banquet for New Orleans athletes. <B>Adam Kraus</b> and his parents were in attendance, as were top remaining Wolverine recruit <B>Kirston Pittman</b> and his mother. The Kraus' and the Pittmans happened to sit together! We talked to Adam and his mother yesterday (Sunday) -- here is their report.

Adam Kraus and his mother on Kirston Pittman and his mother.

Mrs. Kraus: "We sat with Mrs. Pittman, and Adam sat with Kirston. Mrs. Pittman seems very independent. She has four kids ... one is in the pros ... I think she said one had committed to Miami but decommitted to LSU at the end. She said Kirston is waiting until the very end, but that she is tired of all of it. I think she thought that since they'd been through it before that they could control the situation, but it has been overwhelming. Kirston still had all five of his schools in the running, so they are getting visits from all five school's coaches over and over, every week. And Kirston was still thinking about visiting LSU. I just told Mrs. Pittman that we were really happy with our decision, with Michigan."

"Adam and Kirston sat engrossed in conversation for about 30 minutes. They were talking like best friends. So we'll see ... Adam has always been a good salesman! ..."

Adam: "Yeah, we sat together and talked. He sounded very high on Michigan. He really liked his visit. But he told me he likes Florida State a lot too. It seemed like Michigan, Florida State and Miami were all still in it. He said he will not make his decision until Wednesday."

"I don't know what happened with Carnell (Stewart). We've played basketball against each other and he'd told me once that Michigan was his favorite school. Even recently I thought he'd decided to visit Michigan. Carnell is a good guy, I wish him well."

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