Avery Building Michigan Relationships

One of Michigan's Buckeye State commitments is close to wrapping up his senior year and is getting ready to become a Wolverine. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the youngster to catch up on his season, his Michigan visits, and the relationships he's building.

Courtney Avery was one of the standout stars at Michigan's camp over the summer.  His performance during that mid June session earned the former Stanford commit a Michigan scholarship offer.  With little to no hesitation, he dropped the Cardinal and became a Wolverine.  He's currently finishing up his senior regular season at Lexington in Ohio.

"My season is going alright," Avery told GoBlueWolverine.  "We're 6-3 right now.  We have one game left, and if we win that game, then we can go to the playoffs.  But if we lose, we won't be able to make it in.  We started out pretty good, then we lost three straight, but then we won on a four week winning streak for some confidence."

Lexington currently has their star at quarterback and as a defensive back, the position he'll play once he becomes a Wolverine.

"I'm still playing QB, but I go both ways," he reported.  "I got one interception, because they don't throw to my side much.  I'm not even sure what my QB stats are right now."

While he may not be sure of his accomplishments on the field, he's completely sure of the direction his future teammates are headed in.  A frequent visitor for most home games, most recently for last weekend's Penn State game, Avery also plans to be in attendance for the last two tilts in the Big House this season.

"They've come up big since last year, they've improved a lot.  They're still looking strong.  They still got some games coming up, and I can't wait to watch them.  I'll be at both the Purdue and Ohio State games."

One thing most Wolverine fans are uncertain of is the defensive back talent and depth.  Avery provides some comfort in that area and plans to give everything he's got to push himself into becoming an impact player for the Maize & Blue.

"I'm just focusing on coming in there and working hard and giving it all I got, no regrets, and let the chips fall as they may.  Hopefully I'll be able to get out there.  I just got to work hard and earn my spot."

The coaches will certainly welcome that competition.  They're extremely aware of Avery when he visits, and give him plenty of love.

"They tell me it's always nice to see me and things like that.  They can't wait to get me up there and get me a jersey."

Avery is already starting to work on being a Wolverine by trying his hand in some recruiting and becoming close with some of his future classmates.

"I've done a little bit (of recruiting), but mostly I spend my time getting to know the commits that are already committed there and building a relationship with them. I'm most cool with Ricardo Miller and Kenny Wilkins.  We talk about pretty much everything.  From football, to school, to girls… We just talk about everything."

Wolverine fans will have to wait until the summer of 2010 to officially welcome Avery to Ann Arbor, as he will finish out his full senior year and enroll in the summer.

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