Wed. Coach Rod - Full Transcript

The Full Transcript: Coach Rod on Boubacar, on injuries (Odoms, Hemingway, Tate, Minor), on the cornerback situation, and on Illinois.

Question: What happened with Boubacar Cissoko?

Coach Rodriguez: "Violation of team rules. He had been suspended earlier. We have rules and like I explained to the team it's a privilege, not a right to be in the program and both on and off the field there are certain rules they have to follow and players understand. It's never pleasant to have to do this, but as I told the team, all I do is enforce the decision that they make. They said coach that's our responsibility."

Question: Will the secondary change going forward, is (Troy) Woolfolk locked into corner now?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah he's been there and that's the way it was going to be anyway."

Question: Justin Turner, he is still under redshirt?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yes."

Question: Not talking about Boubacar specifically but can you just talk about your philosophy on second chances and teaching…?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah. I think there is a lot of times when young men make mistakes particularly in their career and you hope they learn from them and you discipline them when they do that, but depending on how serious it is, once you make a decision as a coach or the program how far you go with your discipline. Like I said, it's never pleasant. We certainly hope that for not just Boubacar but anybody else who has ever been dismissed from a program that you try to help them in the future; if they learn there lesson and do the rest thing and that will be the case. If he gets academically, does what he's supposed to do, hopefully he can continue his career elsewhere."

Question: Do you think he is going to transfer or is he going to stay here?

Coach Rodriguez: "I am only going to talk with the guys that play for Michigan."

Question: Is Turner practicing at cornerback, exclusively than at cornerback?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yes."

Question: JT Floyd?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah JT was getting banged up and sick a little bit and yesterday was probably the best he felt and looked for a while. We moved James Rogers over at corner. Last week, I think was his first week. He had a good day yesterday. I think he's getting more and more comfortable over there. So that's good to see, particularly with JT and James over there, but because we need more depth at our corner position and at our DB position. You know it was an area of concern coming into this season and it remains so. We can address in recruiting, which we will of course. We can address it with the players that we have right now, which we are trying to do."

Question: How about injury wise; how is Brandon Minor?

Coach Rodriguez: "I've not seen him yet today obviously in practice. So we'll see how he does in practice. Yesterday he did very little again, not for lack of effort, but it is just one of those chronic injuries. Martavious Odoms, we think will be able…he didn't do anything yesterday but he has been responding well to treatment. We think he will be able to do some things today."

Question: Brandon with the heel?

Coach Rodriguez: "No the heel is not an issue any more. It is back to the foot/ankle sprain."

Question: Junior Hemingway is okay?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah. Junior practiced yesterday. He's full go."

Question: You are leading the Big Ten in rushing but you don't have one guy with over 400 yards. Do you like it spread out that much?

Coach Rodriguez: "It really depends. Had Brandon been healthier, he'd probably have gotten more carriers certainly. Ideally you'd have more than two backs. You'd have at least three backs carrying the load and keeping everybody fresh. That's been kind of the case this year with more than one. Brandon, certainly his injury has hampered his amount of carries, which allowed some other guys to play some more."

Question: Is it harder to prepare for the redshirt freshman quarterback at Illinois because you only have one film on him?

Coach Rodriguez: "I think they are going to do what they do and I don't schematically they'll change it much at all. When Juice (Williams) is in there they'll run it more because of his ability to run. That certainly is what we expect."

Question: Greg Matthews (too low); where has he been?

Coach Rodriguez: "I really think Greg, and really even yesterday, we even remarked as coaches yesterday that he had a really good day at practice and sometimes in your senior year and you see the end kind of coming to your college career, you say uh-oh, now is the time for me to try and do even more. Greg is a talented guy. He's got great ball skills and hopefully he'll keep progressing. He'll play a solid ballgame Saturday. Again, we need Greg to come up big in the rest of the season as well."

Question: What did he do in practice yesterday that made you feel that?

Coach Rodriguez: "Well, you can just sense. Greg is more quiet at times than some of the other seniors, but he even took some vocal leadership role a little bit and was having some fun. I think he understands for us to have some success with some of the other youth at other positions, Greg's an experienced guy and if he can play well and make some big plays for us offensively. So I'm really looking for good things out of him the remainder of the season."

Question: Carlos Brown on kick return?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah he'll remain back there." Question: ______?

Coach Rodriguez: "Everybody knows that Daryl (Stonum) is back there and they'll kick away from him. Having an experienced guy like Carlos and Daryl back there that either one of them could take it for us."

Question: Why did you move Odoms out of returning?

Coach Rodriguez: "When he got hurt. It was just an injury issue."

Question: JB Fitzgerald has been playing a little more; what have you seen from him?

Coach Rodriguez: "JB has been coming along more. We are going to play Kevin Leach more. Kevin has done a nice job when he's had an opportunity. It really depends on how they are going to attack us. Illinois we expect to spread us out and try to get our guys in space, so we've worked quite a bit on that this week. Our linebackers have seen it quite a bit this season…they really hurt us last year with some of the things, so we've got to be prepared for that."

Question: Coach you had a couple of distractions this week; how has the focus been this week?

Coach Rodriguez: "The focus has been the same as it was all season. I don't think the players have let anything distract them from the first week of the season all the way up until now. I think they've been focused on trying to get better. At times, we haven't played well, but it hasn't been a lack of focus and preparation. A little bit more drama externally isn't going to affect what we do internally."

Question: Does it feel like the first week of the season at all?

Coach Rodriguez: "I can't control what everybody else thinks outside. All I worry about is what our guys are doing inside."

Question: Tate (Forcier) after the Penn State game said that his shoulder got banged up a little bit in the game; is he okay?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah there is nothing wrong with him."

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