Evan Smotrycz recaps Off. Visit (Part 1)

The Scout.com 4-star prospect and Michigan hoops commitment took his long awaited official visits last weekend. The New Hampton (Mass.) product was excited to be on the campus that will be his home for the next four years. Smotrycz gave GBW the details of his whirlwind weekend (Part 1 of 2).

GBW: We know you been looking forward to taking your official visit. Give us the run down.

Evan Smotrycz: "Well I got their Thursday night, so I stayed in at the hotel. The next day, I had breakfast with the coaches, and with Trey Ziegler since he was on his official visit too. Then we went to practice, where we got a chance to see some of the drills the players do. Then I got a tour of the campus, and met with the people in the business school."

GBW: The University of Michigan Business school is highly competitive; did they give you any idea of your chances of getting in?

Evan Smotrycz: "Yeah, they told me it's pretty rough. I'm going to try to get in during my sophomore year."

GBW: What else happened that day?

Evan Smotrycz: "After the business school meeting, I sat in on a calculus class with Darius Morris. Then we (and the parents) went to lunch, and later on had a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant. From there on out, I hung out with the players. Zach Novak was my host, and Darius was Trey's host. But then you also had Stu Douglas, Manny Harris, Deshawn Sims, Matt Vogrich, Blake McLimans, and Jordan Morgan. It was just the whole team together. Went to some of the players' houses. Zach and Stu have a very nice place."

GBW: That is a lot to digest in one day. You couldn't have been bored.

Evan Smotrycz: "Yeah, I was always busy doing something. Everything was well organized."

GBW:  Fast forward to Saturday. It's game day, and a lot of activities happening throughout the campus.  Take me through it.

Evan Smotrycz:  "After breakfast, we went over to the stadium.  We  participated in the tailgate, that was fun.  After that, we went over to the basketball teams open practice.  They also arranged a meeting with University President, Mary Sue Coleman. Then it was off to a meeting with admissions people.  They took me and Trey back over to the stadium to watch the football game.  It was cold and rainy, so went into the locker room to watch most of the game.  It was nice and plush in there, we sat in some real comfortable chairs.  After the game, the basketball went to dinner at coach Beilein's house.  All the players were there, and everybody really had a chance to interact.  We did hang out for awhile after that, but not too late, as they players had practice the next morning"

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