Evan Smotrycz recaps Off. Visit (Part 2)

In part 1 of our story on Evan Smotrycz, the Michigan commit recapped the daily activities of his official visit. In part 2, he talks about his future as a Wolverine, his upcoming season, and his thoughts on Trey Zeigler.

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GBW:  During your visit, did Coach Beilein lay out his plan for you?

Evan Smotrycz:  "Yeah, he told me that I should be able to play as a freshman.  He would like to see me add some more strength by hitting the weights, and that's something I know I need to continue to do.  I told him I'm going to get buff (laughing)."

GBW:  Did he talk about which position he'd like you to play?

Evan Smotrycz:  "He said I'll be like a hybrid.  The great thing about his system, is that 3-4 positions are interchangeable.  I'll be able to play the 4, as long as I can play defense in the post."

GBW:  Now the word I'm hearing is that you've grown a bit since the last time I saw you.  Is that true?  If so, could it help your play in the post?

Evan Smotrycz:  "That's true.  I'm getting closer to 6'10".  Last time I went to the doctor, he said I was done growing, but I've gotten taller since then.  I'm over 6'9" barefoot.  My size should definitely help."

GBW:  "Is there any part of your game that coach Beilein would like you to  work on?

Evan Smotrycz:  "With coach Beilein, there are always things you need to improve on.  I know that I'm a good shooter, but I'm working on my back to the basket game.  That's something my game was missing.  I'll also be working on my ball handling, and doing a lot of skill work."

GBW:  Speaking of working on your game.  When you does your basketball season start?

Evan Smotrycz:  "We have our first practice in four days (October 31st)  Shortly after that, we have a scrimmage against the Harvard J.V. team.  Our first game of the season will be against Bridgeton on November 11th

GBW:  Going back to your visit for a minute.  You spent a lot of time with Trey Zeigler.  Did you get a chance to talk to him about Michigan?

Evan Smotrycz:  "We hung together the whole weekend since we were both on our official visits.  He's a nice kid.  We talked about Michigan, and I know he really likes it there.  Trey is hard to read though."

GBW:  When you look back at the time you spent on campus this weekend.  What are your overall impressions?

Evan Smotrycz:  "I loved it!  The coaches are great, and the players on the team are cool, I feel like I fit right in.  It's the perfect fit in every way.  My parents were with me, they said the people at Michigan are extended family."  

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