Knight Still High on Michigan

GoBlueWolverine caught up Jacksonville (FL) Trinity Christian defensive back Rashad Knight recently to get the latest on his visit schedule, his decision timetable, where Michigan stands on his list, and more.

Sam Webb:  How the season going for you all; you all in the playoffs?

Rashad Knight:  "Yeah.  We undefeated."

Sam Webb:  I don't get much news on you up this way up here in Michigan.  I was just calling to check on you.  How you doing individually?  Do you know what your stats are?

Rashad Knight:  "Yeah I've been doing good.  So far I think I got a total of four or five touchdowns, three picks, one for a touchdown.  Kick off return, couple of catches, stuff like that."

Sam Webb:  Last time we talked I know you were talking about visiting Michigan.  Did you get a chance to set up any other visits yet?

Rashad Knight:  "The only visit I've set up is the Ohio State-Michigan game."

Sam Webb:  Have you still be talking to them very much?

Rashad Knight:  "Actually, I talked to Coach Gibson I think the other day."

Sam Webb:  What are they saying to you?  I know you can play corner or safety, but what position are they talking to you about?

Rashad Knight:  "Safety, really either one, they haven't really designated one position.  He was telling me about his DB corps and how weak it is and telling me about the guy who got suspended not too long ago… so he was just letting me know how I can come in and play and contribute."

Sam Webb:  What about other schools?  I know at one point you were real high on Michigan, but there were some other schools giving you a lot love.  Who else are you hearing a great deal from right now?

Rashad Knight:  "Ole Miss, Wake Forrest.  I was going to visit Illinois, but I got to keep an eye because I don't know if their coach is going to be there for ever." 

Sam Webb:  At this point, are you still as high on Michigan as you were? Are they still sticking out for our, or is everyone even?

Rashad Knight:  "I still be on Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Are they your leader at this point or do you now have one?

Rashad Knight:  "I wouldn't say I had a leader right now.  I'm going to take my visits and then I'll designate a leader as far as this is the top team and this is the second team."

Sam Webb:  Do you have in your mind which schools you want to visit?  I know you haven't set any others up yet, but do you know which ones you want to go to?

Rashad Knight:  "I know Michigan, I'll start thinking about visiting Ole Miss, Wake Forrest, probably Illinois.  The only one I'm for sure with is Michigan."

Sam Webb:  When do you think you are going to try and make a decision on which school you'll attend?

Rashad Knight:  "I don't know. I know it is going to be sometime after the season.  I said I was going to wait until the season was over and then start to get everything really rolling."

Sam Webb:  Have you been able to watch Michigan at all this year?

Rashad Knight:  "Yeah."

Sam Webb:  What games have you seen?

Rashad Knight:  "I saw the Michigan State game.  (Michigan) is really coming off a mediocre season last year."

Sam Webb:  Is it still the case that distance is not going to be a problem for you… that distance or cold weather is not going to bother you at all?

Rashad Knight:  "That's not a problem for me. I know a lot of my homeboys, say they would never go up there. I've been up there and visited, been up in the snow.  You can't really let weather dictate that, because I'm thinking of this about as my future.  If I go to school because of the weather, probably a missed opportunity, so I'm not going to let weather effect me, I'm just going to adjust to it."


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