Schilling Looks for Line to be More Physical

Michigan JR offensive lineman Steve Schilling on not scoring from the one yard line versus Illinois, on the recent decrease in physicality up front, on bouncing back from the loss, Tate Forcier, and more.

Question:  Did you look at the film?

Steve Schilling:  "I didn't really want to watch it on Sunday.  Obviously, we do and look at it with coach.  Disappointing for sure, just feel like there was some things that we could have done a lot better and had a better outcome."

Question:  What could you have done better?

Steve Schilling:  "Something that constantly got to me, something that I thought the first month of the season as an offensive line we were doing real well was physical play was up in terms of where it was last year.  I think we might have taken a little bit of a step back on Saturday but that's something that can be fixed relatively easily."

Question:  On not scoring from the one yard line Saturday?

Steve Schilling:  "It's disappointing.  Even when Roy (Roundtree) was at the one, we figured okay one yard line; we can get it in.  We are confident with what we can do and then to have four tries to get less than a yard and not be able to get it is very disappointing.  If you are on the goal line as an offensive lineman, you should get in all the time; we feel like we should be able to run the ball and get a few yards every single time.  Coming off the sideline and not converting on those four plays was rough and obviously was a turning point in the game."

Question:  What happened?  Why did those four plays break down?

Steve Schilling:  "A lot of different things, like I said too, we could have been a lot more physical on the goal line and a couple things – it definitely wasn't scheme to me.  I thought the running backs run hard, I just thought we should have maybe had some bigger holes for them."

Question:  Coach talked about it is up to the players to regain confidence if they lost it; as a team leader is it up to players to maybe help build up player's confidence with coaches that's not really there thing.

Steve Schilling:  "Yeah.  This week in practice is going to be important to show that we are not going to lay down.  We still got three games left, a whole quarter of the season left and this week in practice is going to be important, especially for the older guys to get out there and show that we are still going to fight and we are still going to play hard.  The few losses we've had in the last few weeks aren't going to deter us moving forward."

Question:  Getting that sixth win is that necessary to say that this season (is successful)?

Steve Schilling:  "A lot of people are talking about it as far as bowl eligibility but when we get to four wins, it seemed like we kind of thought, aw we'll get six.  I think sometimes maybe people thought it would a little too easily and it hasn't obviously.  I stopped thinking about it.  I'm thinking about playing Purdue and how many wins we end up with at the end of the season and whether or not we get selected in a bowl game, we'll worry about that when it comes.  That's something that I haven't really been thinking about at all now."

Question:  When you said that people thought it would come easy, is that us and fans or where people inside?

Steve Schilling:  "We had a lot of confidence.  We had four straight wins things were going really well and it sucks when you lose some close games that maybe you felt like you should win or had a chance to win and it hurts.  Now you're in a position where you got to fight to get those six and seventh wins and hopefully an eight win.  Something that you just can't worry about the win total, you got to worry about how you play and how the team played and things will work out."

Question:   What was the trip back to Ann Arbor like?

Steve Schilling:  "Quiet.  I hate road trips after a loss, it's the worst. We always talk about just how much we hate flying back or traveling back after a loss.  It's just a terrible feeling and around all the guys you wish that you could have a good time going back with.  It sucks, especially in a game like that.  Yeah, it was real quiet."

Question:  Was there something about that Minnesota game last year; it seemed like people were really down and you guys went into that game and played one of your best games of the year; what was that week like and can you compare it to…?

Steve Schilling:  "I can't really recall too much.  Yeah that was a great week for us, definitely to get the road win.  Maybe if we can maybe remember that win and feed off that hopefully in our next road game it would be good, but not really thinking about that."

Question: Have any of the former linemen that moved on, former teammates, do they ever call you?

Steve Schilling:  "They would be willing if I wanted, but I haven't talked to them.  Earlier in the season I talked Jake (Long) but not recently."

Question:  You said that they were more physical than you; do you watch tape from earlier in the season where you were more physical?

Steve Schilling:  "No I haven't actually.  I think we can kind of sense.  It is tough when you get into a grind and then towards the end of the season, the game becomes a lot more mental too and we got to worry about or do things that won't when the weather gets cooler or things like that.  That's stuff that starts up front with us and we think the whole team and I definitely myself and some of the other senior offensive linemen, it starts with us, so we're going to try and fix that this week."

Question:  Have you seen any type of change in Tate Forcier's demeanor?  He is a freshman… are you seeing more of a freshman now when things aren't going as well?

Steve Schilling:  "Yeah, I really don't think Tate's demeanor has changed too much more than maybe a lot of guys.  It's frustrating when you lose, you want to win, you want to play well.  I don't think he's being exposed as a freshman or anything like that definitely, but he's frustrated that he hasn't been playing well as far as he's concerned and the team hasn't been winning.  Everybody is a little frustrated and wants to get back into that win column."

Question:  You talk about playing more physical on the line; how much of that is attributed to David Molk not there?

Steve Schilling:  "Yeah Molk is a great player, a physical player, but I feel like we have a lot of talented guys on the offensive line and I think that no matter what five Coach Frey decides to play that we should be able to uphold a certain standard that we set for ourselves."

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