What's Happening Today

What is happening inside Schembechler Hall today and tomorrow, 'Signing-Eve' and Signing Day? Who would know better than former (1997-2002) Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet?


"The last month since the Outback victory has had the coaches on the road a lot, making in-home and in-school visits to recruits. And the in-school visits include asking the high school coaches about junior players too. There can't be any 'contact' between Michigan coaches and juniors during these visits (juniors have of course been getting mailings from colleges, and have been making unofficial visits). But that's how the Morgan Trent commitment came about, with his coach relaying his commitment to Coach Carr. Then, starting with this past Saturday, the college coaches come off the road and cannot go back out until the Spring Evaluation period, and they cannot call recruits anymore either (until the spring evaluation period, when they can call juniors once)."

"So yesterday and today the Michigan coaches would be in Schembechler Hall, having meetings about the juniors they've been told about. And tomorrow ... they will just wait. Letters of Intent to recruits have been Fedex'ed out, and tomorrow everyone there will be standing by waiting for them to be faxed back. 90% of them are in by 10:00 AM, and then if there are any still out the waiting really begins."

"The kids who wait until the last day usually do not tell their finalist schools what they are doing either. So if someone like Lamarr Woodley is down to Michigan and MSU, and is announcing at 11 AM, he is liable to fax in his letter after his announcement, and do his 'turn-down' to the losing school at that point too. I remember Travis Johnson (former high school teammate of Justin Fargas who came down to the last day) -- he called us with his turn-down right after he'd faxed his letter to FSU. I do not think Woodley has told Michigan or MSU yet, and from what I understand Shawn Crable has not told U-M or OSU either."

"So Coach Carr's Signing Day press conference tomorrow is scheduled for 1:00 PM, correct? But if Crable is making his announcement at 1:30 and does not fax his letter until then, you may see Carr postpone the press conference until after that, to see if his tender gets faxed to Michigan or not ... unless of course OSU reports to the press that they have already gotten it."

"Who is Michigan waiting for tomorrow ... Tony Hunt may not do a press conference but just fax his letter to Michigan or PSU ... Woodley and Jerome Jackson will announce at 11:00 AM, and Crable at 1:30 PM. Hmmm ... am I the only one who wonders if Crable might be waiting to see what Woodley does? I wouldn't be surprised ... but I don't know and neither do the schools involved. And that's about it -- those four, plus possibly Sam Keller of course. And it does not look like Keller will sign with Michigan."

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