Warren Talks Confidence

Michigan Sr. cornerback Donovan Warren talks about rebuilding team confidence after the disappointing loss to Illinois.

Question: Donovan how do you try to rebuild confidence in your defense after the second half?

Donovan Warren: "We just got to stick together and don't listen to all the outside forces and things like that. Just continue to stay focused, don't go into a shell, the tank just because of one bad performance, one game."

Question: Are you surprised where you guys are at right now?

Donovan Warren: "I wouldn't say I'm surprised. I just feel like we missed some opportunities as a team as a whole and taken advantage of some opportunities and things like that. It's not over. We still have three games left. Our goal is to win these next three."

Question: What has gone wrong the last couple of weeks?

Donovan Warren: "Some opportunities that we've had that we haven't taken advantage of and just playing up to our ability that we know we are capable of playing up to. Like I said, we just got to stay focused and keep pounding away."

Question: Do you feel that this team took a hit of confidence maybe even earlier than a lot of people realized; you guys had two close losses in a row early in the month; was there any rattled confidence at that point?

Donovan Warren: "I wouldn't say that confidence has been lost. I still feel like this team, the guys on the team are not going to go into a shell just because we lost two tough ones that didn't put in a shell at all, or we didn't lose any confidence from those first two losses. The type of guys and the type of personalities that we have on this team in the makeup, we just going to come out swinging again and just put those things behind us."

Question: Coach had mentioned that some of the guys might be over thinking?

Donovan Warren: "Some guys might go different ways of approaching the game and preparing and getting ready, but I just feel like we just need to do a much better job of being prepared of what the other team is going to do actually before they do it. So just being a lot more prepared as a player, not so much on the coaches, just the players have to be more prepared and take heed into the little jobs and little assignments that could turn into big things."

Question: Can you put into words how bad this team needs to win this game to get bowl eligible and get some good feelings back?

Donovan Warren: "I've been thinking like this from the beginning that every week that we step on the field is a championship game and we have something to prove. More than anything this game, after these two losses already, it is big for us just to come out and start early and get some confidence rolling for guys that feel like we don't have any confidence. I feel like this game is going to be a big game for us, just to come out early. It's going to start today in practice, that's where it all starts."

Question: What percent of the team do you think right now is lacking in confidence or had their confidence shattered by what happened this week?

Donovan Warren: "Like I said, if there are guys that are lacking confidence, it is going to be up to us guys around that have been around to help those guys out. We're not going into a shell. This is last's year team. This is a new team this year and we're not going to back down from a challenge. Just because we lost a game, okay, get better from it, put it behind us, things happen and you just got to move on."

Question: Do you sense that some people need that though that some people are having that confidence issue?

Donovan Warren: "No. I wouldn't say need that, just being a person. You just have to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you doing everything that is possible to make this team better and things like that. I feel like some guys need to take a look in the mirror including myself, including everyone on the team – everyone. From the trainers to the weight room coach, everyone needs to take a look in the mirror and just come to work."

Question: You've really played off the ball a lot, is that your preference to start, is that a schematic thing?

Donovan Warren: "I'm just doing the defense that's called. Just playing out there, playing with my other 10 teammates, doing what's asked of me. Playing to the best of my ability and that's how it is. It is what it is."

Question: Would you like to be on more press coverage; do you think that would help you guys?

Donovan Warren: "Press coverage, I like playing in a guys face coverage, man to man and things like, but at the same time I just have to do what's best for the other 10 guys around me and this team and if that is what the team needs that's what we are going to do."

Question: Do you feel like you're being put into a situation to be successful?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah definitely. There are opportunities for us to make plays and if everybody does their job and things like that for this defense to make plays and be successful."

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