Johnson Special On and Off the Field

Archbishop Rummel High head coach Jay Roth talks about his star safety Carvin Johnson, who just committed to Michigan. What are his strengths and how did he go somewhat under the radar?

Ask his head coach what makes Carvin Johnson a potential impact player in college and he says it quite simply.

"He's 6'1, 190-lbs, strong and physical," said Archbishop Rummel head man Jay Roth, " and he has really good ball skills."

A three year letterman for Roth, Johnson has been one of the key players in a 9-0 season for the Raiders. He has made 44 tackles and returned two punts for touchdowns.

His commitment to Michigan is unusual, in that Roth allowed him to take an official visit in the midst of their season, something which is beyond rare.

"In my 15 years of coaching, I have never let a kid fool with recruiting until after the season. However, with an offer from Michigan on the table, I felt that if we waited, we might be left with nothing. We had an off week, I encouraged him to go up there and I let a kid take an official visit during the season for the first time in 15 years. I felt it was critical before the scholarships got taken away."

Part of the worry on Roth's end is the relative lack of colleges coming through his halls, something which has baffled the coach.

"To be honest, nobody's been through. We are 9-0 and not getting much traffic. We feel like it might set in later in the season."

The offers Johnson did receive before the Wolverines came through with one were the result of the few programs who did make it down to Rummel.

"No one came through in the spring, but the schools that came through offered him. They came through with a purpose. We sent tape to Michigan in June and fell in love with him and they have been on him ever since."

In recent days, the big local school, LSU, has been in contact with Johnson. Roth says the Tigers talked to Carvin before his commitment to Michigan and again this week, but that doesn't mean he is having second thoughts about his choice.

"I think he has an attitude to go with the school who seems to want you. Michigan seems to really want him and they have shown that the most this entire time."

His official visit to Ann Arbor was his first up to Michigan. With a kid from the deep south unaccustomed to the area and the weather, there may be a tough adjustment period, but Roth describes Johnson as "independent."

He says the one area he will continue to work on is his speed, but this is one coach that is fully confident that the Wolverines are getting a great player and person.

"Put it this way," Roth finished, "I told this to the coach from Michigan. Before we even talk about what kind of player he is, we need to talk about the kind of kid he is. As good as a player as you're getting, you're getting as good of a person. Yes sir, no sir, look you in the eyes when he talks to you. He is a special kid."

Roth, Johnson and Rummel take on Shaw for the Catholic League championship this Saturday afternoon.

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