Michigan has "Big Chance" at "Big Tex"

The Michigan Wolverines recently put a full-court press on one of the top remaining recruits on their board, Arkansas commit, Jatashun "Big Tex" Beachum. Those overtures have been well received by the Dallas (TX) star, and the Maize & Blue are now in prime contention.

It's not every day that you come across a 6-2, 280 pounder with the arm and agility to be a mobile quarterback and the size and strength to be a defensive tackle.  That, however, adequately describes the skill set of Jatashun Beachum.  Nicknamed "Big Tex," the Dallas Maceo Smith high standout was big target for a number of programs this fall, evidenced by his offers from Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Miami, Utah, Arkansas, and a host of others.  Many of his suitors coveted him for different positions, and this confident youngster believes he could excel at any of them.

"I'm 6'2", 280.  I run a 4.6," said Beachum.  "It's true man.  I'm probably one of the biggest recruits playing quarterback out there.  I broke my ankle like two years ago and once schools found out, I guess they thought I wouldn't move like I'm supposed to move.  They had watched my other friend's tape and liked me better.  They see a big fast kid… I mean, like wow! They say ‘oh we getting him.  We want him.' They are literally trying to get back on me at the last minute, but I got down to my two (finalists)."

Suddenly a recruitment that seemed settled is anything but.  The school Beachum previously committed to a mere three weeks ago, (Arkansas), now has a strong challenger.

"It's Arkansas and Michigan," he stated.  "Ha ha… the Big M baby!"

For Beachum, the glow from receiving his Michigan offer last month still hasn't worn off.

"Aww man, I was so happy," the Dallas native recalled.  "Once I got the call, I ran to living room and told my brothers and mom.  They were happier than I was.  It was great.  I'm happy man.  I was like, let's turn around and de-commit."

The excitable youngster resisted the urge to make a hasty decision, opting instead for the most patient approach of setting up a visit first.  He plans to make it up to Ann Arbor for the annual clash with Ohio State in two weeks.

"(The Wolverines) have a very big chance," said Beachum regarding Michigan's odds of landing him.  "From one through 10, they up to nine right now.  You never know what can happen.  I could de-commit right now and just commit to Michigan, but I'm going to wait and see how the campus (visit) everything goes when I get up there just to see."

Beachum has already forged good relationship with a few of the staff members in Ann Arbor, but he is anxious to meet with them face to face and get an in person account of just what they and their program have to offer.

"The coaches I talked to, they're cool," he said.  "All of them cool, I'm just funny so I had them laughing.  I want to get up there and see the atmosphere and see if it is where I feel comfortable… all types of things."

One factor that won't play a prominent role in Beachum's choice, at least in an adverse way, is distance from home.  It's a discussion he has already had with his mother.

"She wants me to go where I feel better at," explained Beachum.  "She pushed me to go far.  When I told her that I was going to Arkansas, she was like that's nice and that's good; that's where she from.  If I go out farther, it is going to make me become a man and all that.  Michigan would be a good spot."

Whether it's THE spot is something the four star prospect won't take long to determine once he gets home from the Great Lake State.

"Michigan will be the last (visit)," Beachum reported.  "I'll probably (make a decision) two weeks or a week after."

For the time being, Beachum's total focus is on his immediate goal helping his team get another much need win.

 "(The season) hasn't been going how I wanted it to," Big Tex admitted.  "We had 19 seniors last year and we got like half of the team is sophomores.  So we really got a young team.  (Individually), you know man, I'm doing my thing.  But (overall) it isn't going the way I want it to go so far.  If we win we'll be in the playoffs."

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