Hopkins Rushing Toward Record Book

Flower Mound, TX RB Stephen Hopkins will begin his Michigan career in just a few months, but before he does he hopes to end his high school career on a high note. The future Wolverine is in line to achieve a memorable feat in his next game.

Sam Webb:  Give us a little update on how your season is going.  I heard you had a real big game last weekend, do you remember what your stats were?

Stephen Hopkins:  "I think I had 18 rushes for like 217 or something like that."

Sam Webb:  Was that your biggest game of the year?

Stephen Hopkins:  "Yeah biggest game this year.  It was a district game. We're 5-3"

Sam Webb:  Five and three, so is that good enough for the playoffs?

Stephen Hopkins:  "I don't know.  We're probably going to make the playoffs but this week we'd have to win or another team would have to lose.  The team that has to lose is probably going to lose and we're probably going to win."

Sam Webb:  At this point in the season, do you know with that 217 yards what your stats on the season are?

Stephen Hopkins:  "I have like 940 I think or something like that."

Sam Webb:  Did you sense this season teams keying on you a lot more or is it the same that it has been for the last few years?

Stephen Hopkins:  "They really couldn't key on me as much because we run the ball with three different beside just me.  I think one (of the other backs) has like 500 and the other one has like 300."

Sam Webb:  Let's back up a little bit and go back to your official visit to Michigan.  Take me through it.  How was it?  Was it everything that you thought it was going to be? 

Stephen Hopkins:  "It was great.  It was everything that I thought it would be.  I was real happy with my visit, real satisfied with my choice."

Sam Webb:  I saw that you mom made it up to Michigan with you and your dad this time..  What did she think of her first time being up this way?

Stephen Hopkins:  "She's happy now.  She wasn't sure…she didn't have a problem with it or anything… it's just now she's more comfortable with me going as far because she knows all the people now.  She is comfortable with all the coaches and where I'm at.  So she is real happy with it."

Sam Webb:  Michigan loses its three biggest backs, so clearly there is going to be an opportunity there as a true freshman.  Is that something they talked to you about when you were up there?

Stephen Hopkins:  "You know how Rich Rod is.  He says that he is not going to guarantee anybody playing time or anything like that.  You have to earn it.  But  there definitely is an opportunity for me.  All the big guns are leaving.  It is really me and Mike Cox that are big that have some size.  I'm definitely going to get a chance and I'm definitely going to try and take advantage of it."

Sam Webb:  In the months since you've committed to Michigan and certainly since the season has started, have other schools been trying to loosen Michigan's grip to try and get you to de-commit?

Stephen Hopkins:  "No.  I think I made my commit pretty solidly, made it pretty solid with everybody.  I haven't talked too any other schools; I think they gave up."

Sam Webb:  What about from your own perspective… when you look at your play this year can you see parts of your game that have gotten better at.  Also, what are the things that you think you still need to improve on?

Stephen Hopkins:  "Just experience wise I think I've gotten better, I'm more patient and let he play develop more.  I still want to improve my speed.  I can't wait to get to Michigan in January to work on my speed.  That's one thing I have confidence in that I will be a lot more dangerous than I am right now.  I talked to Coach Barwis the first time I went but this time I talked to (speed) Coach (Chris) Allen.  He was talking about speed, speed, speed.  I'm really looking forward to getting faster.  I really think that they can do it."

Sam Webb:  I don't know the last time you've been timed in the 40, but what would you say your 40 time is right now?

Stephen Hopkins:  "Like a 4.60 something like that."

Sam Webb:  Last year you busted some big runs…60, 70 yarders.  What is your longest run from scrimmage this year?

Stephen Hopkins:  "I think this last game I had a 50 yard run.  That is my longest one year.  And one more thing… I am 40 yards away from breaking the school's all time rushing record."

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