Sam Keller Decommit

GBW's West Coast Correspondent Don Hoekwater got the answer Tuesday evening about what has been rumored for some time, that Keller would decommit from Michigan.

"Yep, it's ASU." So says Roger Theder, former Cal coach and tutor to California quarterback Sam Keller. He confirmed what has been rumored for sometime, that Keller will no longer be attending Michigan and will instead be going to Arizona State University to play football.

I asked Roger the reason for Sam's change of heart, he said, "It all came down to the visit. Sam really did not have a good time and got a little homesick. He started thinking he wanted to be closer to home." Theder had told me in the past that ASU was always an interest to Keller, and said, "Sam will do well under coach Dirk Koetter."

Theder also stated, "Sam may have been a little intimidated by the strict academics of Michigan as well. At ASU he'll be able to concentrate more on football." Lastly, Theder mentioned that Keller's father, former Wolverine player Mike Keller, "... may move to Arizona to be closer to Sam."

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