Mon. Presser Full Transcript - Tate

Tate Forcier on his injuries, on the offense, on the defense ... and on his determination for the future.

Question:  Where are you at physically now?  Do you feel rejuvenated or are you still beaten down?

Tate Forcier:  "I feel pretty healthy.  I'm not too beat up.  I took a few shots in this last game.  I feel fine.  I'm in practice today and I will see how practice goes."

Question:  You have some knee issues; do you have to wear a brace on that?

Tate Forcier:  "I'll wear a sleeve.  I just twisted it.  There is nothing too bad with it, but I was fine.  I played the rest of the game with it.  Like I said, I'm going to have to wear a sleeve."

Question:  How has the shoulder been?

Tate Forcier:  "The shoulders been great.  I haven't been taking too bad of hits on it.  I've been making it through every game, so I'm fine with it."

Question:  Are you protected about it?

Tate Forcier:  "I was a little bit and I noticed it throughout the few weeks that I did have the injury.  Now it is kind of like one of those times during that time of the season even if you're hurt, you are going to have to just play through it.  That is kind of where I'm looking at it right now.  We've got to get these seniors to a bowl game."

Question:  You guys talk about looking forward and putting games behind you, but how often do you catch yourself turning over a couple of two point losses and an overtime loss during the Big Ten season; how that could have swung things.

Tate Forcier:  "That just shows how close we are.  Our coaches have done such a great job of preparing us and stuff.  We're a few plays away from having three more wins.  That's in the past and it's our job to move on.  We are coming along as a team.  We're still young so that's the good thing.  I think we're going to be fine.  We just got to prepare for Wisconsin and see how we do against them."

Question:  How do you explain the last three games in the second half; how different it was from the first half?

Tate Forcier:  "It's something that we have to work on.  We come out fired up in the first half and a little slow in the second half, but as a team, it's my job too as being the leader of this team, pumping these guys up and pretty much telling them it is 0-0 going into each half.  We got to go into Wisconsin and every play, we got to be fighting.  We could be winning by 30 points; we still got to keep pushing, because we got to show everybody that this team can do this."

Question:  You say that you start slow; why do you think you start slow?

Tate Forcier:  "I really can't tell.  I don't know.  It's hard.  You don't pay attention to it.  I'm motivated going into the second half, I like playing the game.  As a team, you go back and watch film, you can just see it, we aren't playing the way were in the first half.  I'm sure the coaches know why, because their around players so much.  For me, I really can't give an answer for that, I don't know."

Question:  You are also two more plays away from having two wins; does it just amaze you how tenuous things are in football?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah that's the game though.  That's all part of the game and you learn from it.  We learn from our mistakes and we're going to be fine.  We just got to win these next two games and we'll get these seniors to a bowl game."

Question:  You talk about getting these seniors to a bowl game; how much of a challenge is that going to be because you got to either win at Wisconsin or Ohio State here?

Tate Forcier:  "We're going to keep pushing.  It is going to be a tough game.  Every game is a tough game.  You can't overlook any team.  The Wisconsin and Ohio State game, those are going to be two tough games.  We just got to come out hungry.  The seniors – you know they are going to come out fired up – we just got to get these guys to a bowl game."

Question:  More on getting the seniors to a bowl game…

Tate Forcier:  "A big thing for me is that I know a lot of them because a lot of them are from my brother's class, so I'm real close to a lot of them.  Especially being a leader of the team, you can never send your seniors out empty handed.  That's something that I don't want to do, a lot of it is on me with how I play and how I motivate these guys."

Question:  The defense has struggled a fair amount in the last few weeks; what is the best thing that you guys can do to help them?

Tate Forcier:  "Defensively, to be honest with you, I think they play real well.  I watch film on it and I see it from my perspective.  A lot of it is just big plays.  There are never really any long consistent drives against them.  They give up a lot of big plays and throughout the weeks, when I notice, we will actually put them in pretty bad position sometimes, turning the ball over.  They are going to keep working.  It's hard with a new coach coming in and putting in his whole scheme and everything, but I think they are going to be fine."

Question:  Talk about Roy Roundtree, he's come on the last couple of weeks especially; did you know that you had a threat in him?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah.  I was just waiting to see him get on the field.  Now that Tay (Odoms) out; he's out for I don't know how much longer, but he's out for these past few weeks, but Roy went out there and he played his tail off.  He's going to keep pushing.  He's still young himself.  So it is only going to be better from here."

Question:  You said you were pretty healthy but you look through the course of the season, there was a little bit of a wrist, a shoulder, the head, now the knee, is the most banged up that you've been in the course of your career?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah, but I expected it.  I'm a freshman.  I'm fully developed.  I've only spent half a year with Coach Barwis and I'm sure he's going to put me through a new phase next few months.  I'm young, so I expected it and it's the Big Ten.  You're playing against a lot of big people and it's no joke.  The conference, they really know how to play."

Question:  Coming into the season did you think that you were physically prepared or did you…it sounds like you said you knew, but did you really know?

Tate Forcier:  "Physically, my body wasn't there yet.  I was gaining the weight, but not the weight that I needed yet.  It's a process that you have to go through.  For me because I never lifted in high school so when I hit this stage, it was like all new for me.  Coach Barwis is doing a great job at it and all of his staff members, they are pushing me.  I'm going to come back stronger and I look forward to next season and see how much bigger I get."

Question:  How tough has it been for you with your supporting cast being pretty battered; your offensive line has changed, you are on a different center now, Martavious is hurt; you don't know which back you're going to have in the backfield with you; does it make it harder for you?

Tate Forcier:  "No.  Because our coaches, they do such a great job of getting all our guys so many reps throughout the week that you are confident in any of the guys that go out there.  Just like Roy did, our starting slot went down and he came in and had two big games.  It just shows the preparation our coaches prepare us for any type of situation and I think anybody on our team could pretty much do it."

Question:  The first several games, your offense was pretty much on an even footing with the opponents in terms of turnovers that hasn't been the case lately; is it just the defense are that much tougher in the Big Ten?

Tate Forcier:  "No.  It's all stuff that you can prevent.  It is just little mistakes and that's my fault a little bit, just making the freshman mistakes I didn't want to make.  Turnovers happen, you just got to put them behind you and especially these next two games, you can't have any."

Question:  You talk about developing physically in the weight room; are you lifting the same routine as other players being a quarterback, because you are throwing; do they want you lifting upper body?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah.  Nobody is treated differently.  Coach Barwis treats us all the same.  We all do the same weights, maybe not the same amount, but we still do the same stuff and I'm happy with what he is doing to me.  I hate it at the same time (laughing), but he is only preparing me."

Question:  With the way your career started off, do you maybe get a little overconfident after those first couple of games and the way things had gone?

Tate Forcier:  "No.  Really like I said, we're three plays away from being a different team.  We came out strong.  These last few weeks, we haven't been playing us and that's something that Coach Rod is upset about is that these teams are beating us when we're at our best.  That's our job as a team to come out prepared."

Question:  You said after the Michigan State game after the interception in overtime that you didn't want to make freshman mistakes; a lot of people say, well he's a freshman, that is sort of the thing now this month, he's a freshman, in September, you were a dancer; do you feel like you're playing like a freshman?

Tate Forcier:  "To be honest, I feel like, I really started notice is that since Illinois, I've noticed that game has slowed down a little bit for me and that just comes along with experience.  Throughout the first few games, our guys were making big plays.  We weren't making as many mistakes, but as a team everybody…you can't point fingers, as a team everybody is making their share of mistakes.  I've made some freshman mistakes that I didn't want to make, but it is my job not to do that."

Question:  One of the other guys on offense said a couple of weeks ago that you were trying to maybe do too much and try to take it on yourself too much; have you changed that recently and tried to back off?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah, yeah.  I'm trying to do what I was doing at the beginning of the season – that's getting the athletes the ball and let them be athletes.  I did a great job last week… threw the ball and I let them play.  It's hard when things aren't going right.  You want to be the guy to answer that question and it is me being as competitive as I am, I want to be that guy that helps his team and so far it hasn't been working too well, but I'm sure we'll come back next week."


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