Dileo Says Michigan Fans "Unique"

Baton Rouge (LA) Parkview Baptist ATH Drew Dileo made his was to Ann Arbor last weekend and had a commitment affirming experience. The future Wolverie recaps his interaction with Tate Forcier, discusses his position, gives his thoughtful take on the Michigan fan base, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  Tell me how your season is going?

Drew Dileo:  "We are 8-1.  We just won the district championship last week against our rivals.  Our team is playing well.  We start the first round of the playoffs this Friday against Marksville."

Sam Webb:  How have you performed individually?

Drew Dileo:  "I would say that I had a pretty good season so far.  I don't really know my individual stats.  The district stuff hasn't come out yet.  I'm playing hard and helping our team win."

Sam Webb:  In the months since you committed to Michigan have any schools still tried to come in and recruit you and maybe get you to back out of that commitment?

Drew Dileo:  "Not really.  I think a lot of recruiters or coaches from other schools may have read a few articles here and there and saw how committed I was and just kind of said, we're not going to change his mind."

Sam Webb:  You made it up to Michigan this weekend for your official visit.  How did things go for you up in Ann Arbor?

Drew Dileo:  "They were great, really nice.  All the people, the coaches, everybody had much respect for them and much respect for the program that I'm about to go into.  Just going up there made me want to get up there a little quicker.  Besides all my family and stuff here, I just can't wait to get up there and be a part of that.  They pretty much told me beforehand, going up there, mainly they want to see me focus on punt returns and stuff, slot and kick off returns and stuff."

Sam Webb: So getting up here and getting around your future teammates and the coaches made you a lot more comfortable with that idea of going far away?

Drew Dileo:  "When I went on my unofficial visit in the summer, I just went and walked around and stuff.  Walking through the locker room, weight room and stuff, I talked to Tate Forcier, the quarterback and he is from San Diego and he said, I realized what's going to happen.  He said, when you go to college you're going to move off from your family and your hometown friends, why not go big time.  Why let distance matter.  That's the kind of how I'm looking at it.  Even if I went off to college somewhere in Louisiana, it is still away from my family and close friends.  Why not do it big and go to Michigan where I always wanted to go anyway."

Sam Webb:  What did your parents think of things?

Drew Dileo:  "They loved it just as much as me.  My dad didn't play college football, didn't play sports in college, it was like he was enjoying it.  It was almost for him, he was so happy for me that he's been there with me and help me put in the work throughout my life.  He just kind of led me to these great opportunities and he is just happy to see the results of what's to come in the future.  He was just enjoying it.  My mom has never really been around that type of stuff as far as how they treated us and just the type of people they are."

Sam Webb:  You obviously spent some time talking to Tate. What other players did you spend time with?

Drew Dileo:  "My host was Mike Schofield, a redshirt this year. He's a nice guy.  It was pretty funny.  I'm 5'10"-5'11" and he's 6'7".  It was pretty funny walking around because his roommate is Quinton Washington – big.  He's probably 6'5"-6'6", a big offensive lineman from South Carolina.  They were kind of showing me around Ann Arbor.  It was kind of funny.  It was like two bodyguards walking me through Ann Arbor.  So I kind of got a laugh about that.  Mike, he's a real good guy.  I really didn't have any confusion about anything out there, but I kind of made sure that he knew what was going on and everything."

Sam Webb:  You were around the team after the loss Saturday.  Obviously it was disappointing and it has been that kind of deal for them for a couple of weeks now.  What did you sense the morale of the team was?  What did you sense their resolve is at this point?  

Drew Dileo:  "Of course there is going to be disappointment because watching the game, I think they all know they really should have won the game, but football is a crazy game. Anything can happen.  After the game I saw Brandon Minor, the running back before his interviews and he was just saying, why look at the past, the game is over; we're looking towards Wisconsin.  They really want to be bowl eligible this year.  The reporters were asking him, ‘well what's next?'  His response was ‘Wisconsin.'  They know that they need to focus on Wisconsin this week and try to get a W."

Sam Webb:  What about the fans? What did you think of them?

Drew Dileo:  "No not really.  I know that all the players like the coaches and back up what they do and respect who they are.  I kind of hate to say this during this interview but it was kind of funny; being from Louisiana and growing up as an LSU fan, a lot of fans whenever LSU does something bad or something goes wrong, it is never enough for them.  There are a lot of bandwagon fans.  Going to the Michigan game and seeing all the fans, yeah they lost but the people weren't giving up on them.  They still believed in them and still supported them, so I thought that was pretty unique."

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