Phillips Wowed by Michigan

Michigan is among the early teams hot on the trail of Mequon (WI) Homestead high DL Donte Phillips and last weekend the c/o 2011 prospect rewarded the Maize & Blue with a visit. The 6-3, 250-pounder came away from his time with the Wolverines extremely impressed.

Sam Webb:  You made your way to Ann Arbor for an unofficial visit last weekend.  Was that your first Michigan game that you had ever been to?

Donte Phillips:  "Yeah first one.  .  I met all the coaches and stuff; it was a pretty fun time."

Sam Webb:  Give me your impression, your first time inside The Big House?

Donte Phillips:  "It was just ‘WOW', the atmosphere was great.  The fans, we had great seats so it was pretty nice and the fans – the alumni, just crazy and excited.  They all got really into the game and that was pretty cool to see too.  They lost, but it was still a great game to see and I saw how the coaches coach the game, it was really fun."

Sam Webb:  Was that your first visit every to a college or had you visited other schools already?

Donte Phillips:  "It was actually my first college visit but next weekend I am going up to Wisconsin for their game versus Michigan, so I'm going to actually see them again in back to back weeks.  I would do it as a Wisconsin recruit instead."

Sam Webb:  How did you become interested in the Wolverines?

Donte Phillips:  "I was born in Ypsilanti, MI and I lived there for two years and I came up to Wisconsin.  So I've always kind of been a Wolverine fan, but I'm also a fan of some other schools too… but (Michigan has) always been there for me."

Sam Webb:  While you were on campus, you got a chance to talk to the coaches; what did they say to you and which ones did you get a chance to talk to?

Donte Phillips:  "I met Coach Tall the defensive line coach. he just came up us and talked to us about how he coaches, what he expects from the players, and stuff like that.  Coach Rod actually came up to us and talked to us for about 20 minutes, talked to us about school and stuff and how he really cares about academics and all that.  He actually invited me up for the Ohio State game on the 21st (November), so I'll be back in Ann Arbor for that too in two weeks."

Sam Webb:  Aside from Michigan, who are some of the other schools showing interest in you right now?

Donte Phillips:  "Right now the main school are Wisconsin, I'm taking a visit up there; Minnesota, Iowa, Syracuse; those are the main ones right now.  Demarcus Ware's school showing some minor interest."

Sam Webb:  Okay, lets look at it from the other side… those are the schools showing interest in you... what schools are you most interested in?
Donte Phillips:  "I don't have a favorite right now, but if had to say a top list, I'd say at this moment Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan of course, Iowa, Syracuse and Louisville."

Sam Webb:  Have any of those schools offered you or discussed offering you?

Donte Phillips:  "I have no offers right now.  I have had a few tell me after my season they'll talk about that.  Pretty much, I'm not worried about offers right now.  I'm trying to have fun.  Go check out all these schools and see what is best for me, so when the time does come, if it does come, I'll have a better idea of where I stand and stuff."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to do any sort of camps or combines?

Donte Phillips:  "Yeah I was invited to the Army Junior All-American Combine, so that'll be really fun.  Going up against the best competition in like the whole country pretty much.  That'll be a fun thing to do.  Beside that right now, I don't have anything planned.  I was invited to this 365 Sports like All-American national team, go play a crossover season in Australia in the summer.  I don't think I'll have enough time to do that, so I probably won't do that, but it was a great honor to be invited to something of that stature."

Sam Webb:  Do you sort of have in your mind a timeline of how long you'd like your recruiting process to go?

Donte Phillips:  "Really I haven't even thought about that yet.  I've been focused on my season and that just ended, so I'm pretty much gearing into the whole recruiting mode right now and just focusing on school work to finish the year strong, then I'll probably think about that sometime in the spring time."

Sam Webb:  Tell me a little about your game; How is your season going and sort of break down your game for me?

Donte Phillips:  "I play D-tackle.  I'm in the middle.  I like to clog up the holes and stop the run pretty much.  I like to hit people.  As far as our season goes, we had a pretty good season overall, but we lost last week – the second round of playoffs, so that was kind of tough.  We finished out 10-1.  I still have my senior season next season to do better on it.  So I'm excited about that to work harder in the offseason."

Sam Webb:  Do you remember off the top of your head what your season stats were?

Donte Phillips:  "I actually do not.  We don't really keep track of that.  I'm sure later on the coach will tell me about that later."

Sam Webb:  Talking about your game is there a player in college or the pros that you sort of mimic or compare yourself too?

Donte Phillips:  "Not really college, but in the NFL, Demarcus Ware is my favorite player by far.  He wears 94 and I wear 94 also because of him.  He's just a beast, plain and simple.  The Cowboys are my favorite team.  He just dominates everything.  I try to simulate him when I play."

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