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Freshman slot receiver Roy Roundtree talks about his Purdue game ... Purdue, if you recall, was the school he committed to first ...

Question: Roy, it's been reported that some of the Purdue players were making comments after the game; were any of them directed at you?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah, most of them was directly at me, but I was blocking them out, looking the sideline so I could read the plays and see what I was supposed to do for that next play."

Question: What did they say?

Roy Roundtree: "They was talking a lot of junk. Its football, so you know you got to hear everything even when you play away and home games, but Purdue defensive backs, they was really talking smack about how hard they were going to hit me on the next play or you going to drop this pass because you see me coming."

Question: Where those guys that you had gotten to know during the recruiting process?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. Most of them was my host, Torrie Williams, #2; he was my host. He was like, text me and stuff – be ready for this week, because we coming. I rarely text back."

Question: He was texting you last week?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. He was just letting me know, be ready, because he trying to tear my head off. That's basically what he was telling me."

Question: Didn't you break one of his tackles for the touchdown?

Roy Roundtree: "Uh huh. That's the one I stiffed armed him and just ran into the end zone. I don't say nothing when I'm out there on the field. I just play football."

Question: What about after the game; did he say anything?

Roy Roundtree: "He was just like good game. You did my boy like that, being so young, and he's like a sixth year senior. They really gave me credit for doing that to him."

Question: Can you talk about your late switch, how that came down and what you made of Coach Tiller's comments about Coach Rodriguez?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah, that's recruiting. That's every year, it ain't just like the year me and Mike Shaw de-committed. We both came here. It happens every year with different schools and Coach Tiller comment on Coach Rod like that, it's going to happen because he was very upset about the situation. We moved on from there."

Question: Is it tough for you being 17 or 18 at the time to be in the middle of something like that?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah because it was national. It was USA Today. I was like man I didn't want to take it this far. It happened."

Question: How about the block that you had on Brandon Minor's run too?

Roy Roundtree: "I was playing football. I saw Minor coming back across the field, I'm like I've got to hit somebody and Brandon King was the one I hit. I got a good shot on him."

Question: Are you pretty aware of every single player that you were hitting; you've mentioned three or four guys by name now?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah that's what you got scouting for. You got to remember the names. You look at film and see what they do mostly all the time. You see what their weaknesses is and what they do. That just comes with the scouting report, knowing their names."

Question: Do you hope or think that what you did on Saturday is going to lead to a bigger role the rest of the way?

Roy Roundtree: "I hope so. We have a game plan, so we got to see this week what we working on for Wisconsin. We have to wait till Saturday for that."

Question: Speaking of game plan, did you know that you were going to have that big of a role before kickoff?

Roy Roundtree: "In practice, we practiced mostly throwing quick passes, reading off the defense and that's what we learned off film. We seeing their weaknesses and that's what we was doing all practices. So basically yeah."

Question: You said they were talking noise to you, but after that big first quarter they couldn't have said a whole lot, did they?

Roy Roundtree: "They kept talking. They was trying to get into my head. I was trying to hearing what they were saying, going back to the huddle, the next play. I was just moving on. I was just letting them talk. I'm really not a big talker, I just trying to play football."

Question: Rich said after the game that as you mature physically you have a chance…where are you in development strength wise…?

Roy Roundtree: "Well red shirting last year really helped a lot. I really wasn't depending on playing last year because me coming out of high school, I was so skinny. I really wasn't strong. Physical, he tells every wide receiver to be physical. That's the thing, part of the game. My development so far, I'm still working on getting stronger on the bench, getting off the jams and getting stronger in squat so that I can get faster."

Question: Can you quantify where you are in terms of how much more you squat or bench or whatever?

Roy Roundtree: "Coming in (laughing) probably like every football player on our team would laugh at me. Because I used to squat probably like 135, bench pressing like 145, the overhead squat was the broomstick. It was a broomstick that we had, so I was just overhead squatting like that. So they laugh about it all the time but now they see the difference since I've been here for a year now, a whole lot of difference."

Question: Probably a year ago you wouldn't have been able to stiff arm a safety or lay a block on one?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah, I probably would have but I like I did, I threw my whole body in to get him down. I ain't the biggest guy out there, but I'm going to use my strength and know what I can do best."

Question: Seeing you wearing your glasses it reminds of the spring when you had to get your eyes checked, can you talk about that and who noticed that you were squinting?

Roy Roundtree: "All year last year, it was like hard for me to see the ball and this year before spring ball, Coach Rod, came up to me like, ‘How can you see, you squinting. You stay squinting.' I was like yeah, I probably need to go see the eye doctor again. Coach said yeah and he took me. It was bad. I came back out good."

Question: Do you wear contacts in the game?

Roy Roundtree: "I wear contacts during the game, all the time and today I just woke up so I just threw my glasses on, had to hurry up."

Question: Could you see? I mean you really couldn't see well.

Roy Roundtree: "I couldn't see that well. Contacts now are really clear, so it helps me."

The first time, when I first took my exam at Schembechler I had my glasses but when I took it at the eye clinic, it was like worse. That's what he kept telling me, we going to get you contacts ASAP. I was waiting for them and I finally got them."

Question: What's the competition been like between you and Martavious (Odoms)?

Roy Roundtree: "That's competition. It is where everybody on the team. Martavious, him starting, learning from him, because you know he played last year and he was just telling me stuff, each game helps me. Okay, do this or do that, he's a great teammate. He just keeps pushing me just like I push him, because we both want to be the best."

Question: What's the biggest thing that you've learned from him?

Roy Roundtree: "I would say don't let down, don't back down from nobody, because him being short and he coming against six footers, like 230 doing it all last year, blocking linebackers, just go aggressive. Get up on their toes when you running routes, he just helps me develop right."

Question: Have you seen changes in Tate (Foricer) one way or the other as the year has gone on?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. Tate, he learning still, because being a freshman coming straight out of high school that's a lot on his shoulders. Coming and starting, I think he is doing a very good job but sometimes you have your ups and downs and he is going through his down phase, but he is going to be ready for Wisconsin."

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