Full Transcript: Moosman Hangs Tough

David Moosman talks a little about Justin Boren, and more about the Michigan offense and offensive line having to shoulder the burden Saturday.

Question: What do you think of the Ohio State defense, is this as good a defense as you've seen this year?

David Moosman: "We see some great defenses out there. Penn State was good. Iowa had a good defensive front. They've got some solid guys out there. Nobody that is really far and away better than anyone we've seen individually out there. They're a good defense. I think we are capable of handling them."

Question: What is it going to face Justin Boren for the first time since he transferred?

David Moosman: "I don't talk to him. I don't think about him. He doesn't come up in my daily life and I don't have to play against him on defense. I wish I could. He's on offense and so am I."

Question: Did you have any kind of relationship with him when he was here?

David Moosman: "No."

Question: The center-quarterback relationship is always a little tighter than the rest of the offensive line. Are you going to be telling Denard Robinson or Tate Forcier anything about the intensity of the Ohio State game?

David Moosman: "It's not so much telling them as showing them in practice and preparation. I've gone in and watched a bunch of their film already and I'm going to give them whatever help they need to prepare and they are going to see it in practice, just the intensity that the seniors and the upper classman bring and they're going to follow suit. They've done that great thus far and I think they are going to do it again this week."

Question: How big is this for the senior class, this week?

David Moosman: "It's huge. It's everything. It is the last regular season game in The Big House. It's Ohio State. It's the last game of the year – it's everything."

Question: Do you feel like you have unfinished business with those guys?

David Moosman: "Yeah we haven't beaten them in five years. I'd say that it is unfinished business."

Question: Could you ever imagine a grander scenario for this team to need a win to be bowl eligible against this Ohio State team after two rocky seasons?

David Moosman: "Yes but this is what we have and this is what we're doing. We are going to go out and practice hard today. This is more of a mental day today and we are going to have a hard hitting practice tomorrow and whatever coach wants to do on Wednesday. We're just going to prepare every day. It falls under every category that everybody says, last game of the season, for bowl eligibility, last game of my Michigan career in The Big House, last game for all the seniors and it's Ohio State. That's what it always boils down to."

Question: When do you think that last game at Michigan Stadium will really hit you or has it?

David Moosman: "It hasn't yet. Afterwards, hopefully, we'll get a big win, we can celebrate and it'll kick in after that."

Question: You said five straight losses; do you guys have to fig

ht the analogy, the little brother in this rivalry; do you have to fight that attachment? David Moosman: "No. We're playing Ohio State. Records go out the window in this rivalry. It's just whoever comes and brings it the hardest. No analogies for this game. This is Michigan-Ohio State."

Question: Do you guys do anything special in practice like a drill that you don't do otherwise or traditions during this week?

David Moosman: "The scout team players they usually get hyped go extra hard and maybe sometimes some of the more…some guys that don't normally D ___ or don't normally go on the scout team, they go down and help the defense out or someone from the defense comes up and helps the offense out. Just put the best players that we can play against, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday just to better help prepare. Nothing special just trying to put the best players to prepare because we are going to face the best players on Saturday."

Question: What are you going to tell Patrick Omameh to get him prepared because now he is in the starting lineup?

David Moosman: "Again, it's not something that really needs to be said. I'm going to go in and watch film and I'm going to bring him with me and I'm going to show him everything that he needs to do to win and he knows what he needs to do. Coaches are going to coach him and he's going to play his heart out. I know he will. He always does, he always has. He is going to again this week. That's all you can ask – his best and he's going to give it to us and so will we."

Question: Most of their success defensively has been predicated on their defensive line getting to the quarterback, as a leader of that group are you cognizant of that and aware of keeping your guys protected the best you can back there?

David Moosman: "Yes. I've watched a couple of games already and I saw what they do and I think we have what it takes to defend against that and as an offensive line attack there defensive. I've seen what they have and I've seen what we've got and I think it matches up."

Question: Tate talked about how he was going to get a senior to a bowl game and he doesn't care what it takes; do you guys have a appreciation for a young guy stepping up like that especially at such a key position?

David Moosman: "Yep. I think coach said that we were about 70-80% underclassman and it is always great to see them take a leadership role and he is a quarterback and that's what he is there for. He's the leader of our offense and just love to see that passion out of him."

Question: Did you watch any of the Purdue win over Ohio State?

David Moosman: "It is going to take our best effort to beat them. Purdue put together a great game plan and we've got one this week. Just normal things, we're going to go out there and do what it takes to prepare to win and Thursday and Friday get mentally prepared and go out there on Saturday with hard edge."

Question: Going into the second half, does it come to the point where you guys are kind of waiting to see what is going to happen because it has been so bad in the third quarter?

David Moosman: "No. We go in there and the offense is going in there to win the game. The offense goes in there every series to score. It doesn't matter what happens. It doesn't matter what their offense does. It doesn't matter what time of the game it is. It doesn't matter if it is the fourth or first quarter, the offense is going in there to score and the defense is going in there to stop them."

Question: How frustrating is it knowing you only had like 20 offensive plays in the second half and you don't really have a chance to get going?

David Moosman: "It doesn't matter. It's on the offense. If one player on the offense is having a bad game, the rest of them will pick him up. If the defense needs us to do something it is our job is to do that. Our job is to score and win. We need to score more points than the other team, regardless of how many they score. It's irrelevant. It's great when the defense helps out with turnovers and touchdowns and defensive points but it's on us. These games are on us offensively."

Question: The running game has been markedly better with Brandon Minor and it sounds like he has got the shoulder issue, do you have much interest in seeing how he progresses this week?

David Moosman: "Yes. He's our running back. I don't understand."

Question: Are you concerned that you want him back obviously.

David Moosman: "Yes. We want him to play as well as he can play with whatever. I don't know what his restrictions are and there is only one thing I know about Brandon, he's going to play and he's going to play hard and he's going to run hard. This is it for him. This is his last game. Yes I'm concerned about him and he's going to do great. I know he will. He always does."

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