Full Transcript: Roy Roundtree, no OSU fan

Taunting? "Yeah. Being from Ohio that's all you hear." But did he at least grow up an OSU fan? "Naw. I was never an Ohio State fan."

Question: Did you grow up an Ohio State fan?
Roy Roundtree: "Naw. I was never an Ohio State fan. Growing up watching Ohio State and Michigan, it was just like always giving me chills and my whole family because we always just used to sit in the living room and just watch the game. I don't know why I was never an Ohio State fan, but I'm a Michigan man that's all I worry about right now."

Question: What team did you like growing up?
Roy Roundtree: "I was born where Martavious (Odoms) is from in Pahokee, FL, so being down south, I was a Miami, Florida fan."

Question: What's your favorite memory of watching all those games Michigan versus Ohio State?
Roy Roundtree: "There was several. Desmond Howard running back the punt. Charles Woodson, but it is a lot. Charles Woodson might be the best one that I remember."

Question: Those moments were quite a few years ago, Ohio State has been the dominate in this rivalry lately; what are you guys thinking to try and get this back, get this swinging your way or at least 50/50?
Roy Roundtree: "It started Saturday after Wisconsin. We've got to prepare well for Ohio State. They've been doing good his season. We just got to be ready for them come Saturday. Practice is going to have to pay off this week because it is a big time rival, so we'll see what we do."

Question: Have the veterans on the team told you about the rivalry, what to expect this week and what to expect when you step on the field?
Roy Roundtree: "They just like you got to go all out. It's the last game of the year. It's a big time game. Playing against Ohio State, you never know when it is your last play so you really have to go hard and come Saturday that's going to be the time to shine."

Question: Do you guys do anything special in practice, special drills that you guys run or things that happen during Ohio State week?
Roy Roundtree: "Naw, it's basically just the same thing that we do every week, you know prepare for another team – it's just Ohio State. I know it is like a big name or what not, but we just going to have to practice the same and just going to have to go harder this week."

Question: Rich told us just a moment ago that this has been one of his toughest seasons along with last year; do you guys sense that between Rich and the coaches that this is wearing on them?
Roy Roundtree: "Coming from Coach Rod, it is going to be hard season for him coming in, this is his second year and how the season is turning out, but we could be quickly turned around the next two to three years. I feel the pain but we'll be okay."

Question: Did you travel last year against Ohio State?
Roy Roundtree: "No I redshirted last year."

Question: Where did you watch the game last year; did you watch it?
Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. It was me Junior (Hemingway) sitting in the living room watching the game. I don't know, we were both upset at the turnout, but we started off pretty good. This year should be a turnaround."

Question: Do you remember any of the Miami-Florida State games?
Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. I remember Miami-Ohio State game. It came down to a clutch. I watched Willis McGahee breaking his leg and all that by Will Allen. Will Allen was from Trotwood, Ohio, so I was watching that game a lot."

Question: Did you hate Ohio State even more after they beat the Hurricanes?
Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. I just can't go for Ohio State. I don't know what it is, but I just can't do it."

Question: Have you heard from other families taunting you at home or stuff like that?
Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. Being from Ohio that's all you hear. This is the game. Everybody might text you, but I don't think I'm going to have my phone this week, because I got to say focused and watch film a lot."

Question: What gives you confidence this week that makes you believe that you can win this game?
Roy Roundtree: "Oh man, my teammates. My teammates, my coaches put in all that hard work all season, coming in and doing extra just like last week. You just got to learn from your mistakes and do harder this week to prepare for Saturday. I feel very encouraged. I'm ready, everybody ready."

Question: Do you feel now, your best two games were the past two weeks, was this in you all season or have you had to develop this point or just need an opportunity to show this?
Roy Roundtree: "It just happened. It just shows what I've put in, in practice, what I put in the film room and what I put in the weight room. It all pays off like during the games. I really don't know if I'm going to catch this many balls. I'm just running my route and he just is finding the open receiver."

Question: You had another big block against Wisconsin.
Roy Roundtree: "I think for the swing pass for Vincent (Smith)."

Question: Do you enjoy the physical play; we talked about it a little bit last week, it seems to kind of fit you now.
Roy Roundtree: "Yeah you can't back down. I'm not the biggest guy, but I am going to put it all in to block for my teammates.'

Question: Tate is not having as much success on the field right now as he did at the start of the year but in what ways do you see him being a better quarterback?
Roy Roundtree: "Like I said, Tate is going to have to come in more. He's the leader of the team. He is the quarterback. He, Denard (Robinson), Nick Sheridan, David Cone, they all got to come in and work each other, give them strengths up and down. Tate is just going to have to do more if he want to succeed in this game on Saturday. We'll see what they all put in this week."

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