Full Transcript: Stevie Brown

"I know we haven't beat them, but I don't look at it like ‘Oh my gosh, we got to beat them because we haven't beat them'. I just want to beat them."

Question: Same feeling every week in this week every year or is it a little different every time?

Stevie Brown: "It's kind of both. With it being O-State it is always a big rivalry game and you always want to go out there and play your best and you always want to win and do everything you can to win. At the same time, since freshman year, sophomore year and junior year, it's like I'm playing more and more and more and each game I'm having a bigger role in each game. So from that aspect of it, it is new so I always want to make sure that I can bring a little bit more to the table every single year."

Question: What do you think about Justin Boren being here and are you looking forward to hooking up with him at some point on Saturday?

Stevie Brown: "Boren did everything he could while he was here. He played hard us for us. I know he is going to do the same for them there. I don't have any personal vendetta or anything against him or anything like that. I'm going to look at him as another offensive lineman in the way to the quarterback."

Question: What about Terrelle Pryor's ability; what do you see from him and proven that over the last two years?

Stevie Brown: "I was watching him in there watching film this morning and he's throwing the ball a lot better this year. He's able to read the coverages better and get rid of the ball better but what he does best is whenever the play breaks down and he has to move on his feet, he's really good at that. No matter how big the guy is that tries to bring him down, if you don't wrap him up, he's going to get away. You got to get low on him and get a secure tackle on him, because he breaks arm tackles left and right. I saw him shake off D-lineman, the linebackers, the DBs; he does everybody like that. So you got to make sure that you bring whenever you try to tackle him."

Question: As a senior on senior day against Ohio State what would a win mean for these guys?

Stevie Brown: "It would be real important. As a freshman a win against Ohio State would be important. It doesn't really matter what year it is. It will be my last game The Big House, so I do want to go out with a win and so from aspect it would be big. Any win against O-State would be big."

Question: This being your last chance, what do you do this week in practice to make sure that you're ready and all your teammates are ready, step up the defensive performance?

Stevie Brown: "This week, it is going to be like anything that you see wrong, right then and there it gets corrected. You're going to make sure that everybody is in there watching film extra. You're going to make sure that everybody is going harder on the practice field. You just got to make sure that everybody brings it up a notch – me included. I am going to lead by example and do all that I can so that I can try to get others around me. I am going to bring others in with me to do the same so that we can all come together better, so that we can be better prepared to win this game."

Question: Has anybody been talking about trying to get that six win any more or is it just trying to beat Ohio State and have a good week of preparation?

Stevie Brown: "I guess they go hand in hand. Everybody wants the six wins, but you want to beat O-State. We got to beat O-State to get the sixth win, so it goes hand in hand."

Question: Knowing Jordan's (Kovacs) story as a walk on, what he has he meant to the defense?

Stevie Brown: "Jordan is a very smart player and whenever he is back there in the secondary he does a lot of the calling, the checks and everything like that. He knows the defense very well, so when people turn around and ask him something, they believe, they trust him with what he is saying. They know he is going to be out there giving his all and they know he is going to be working as hard as they can, so that is another person that you don't want to let somebody like that down, so everybody tries as hard as they can."

Question: Does it feel weird that if you guys don't win this week it is over for you?

Stevie Brown: "I try not to think of that. I really haven't thought of it like that. I got another game. That's how I look at it. I have another game that I'm getting prepared for that I'm trying to win."

Question: Is it more important to beat Ohio State this time because you haven't beat them in so long?

Stevie Brown: "I know we haven't beat them, but I don't look at it like ‘Oh my gosh, we got to beat them because we haven't beat them'. I just want to beat them. It is another game on the schedule. You want to win all your games on the schedule and that is how I look at it."

Question: How do you believe that you can beat them?

Stevie Brown: "Whenever we play, we play very well. We play together everybody's clicking, we show flashes all the time where we can shut teams down, the offense can move the ball. Everybody is doing everything that we know that we can do. As long as we come together for 60 minutes like that, I believe we can beat anybody."

Question: How much has Brandon Graham has meant to do this defense when you really look at what you guys try to do?

Stevie Brown: "Brandon Graham means a lot to this defense. Vocally, he's always there for encouragement. He's talking to everybody telling everybody to keep their heads up. He is someone you can go to and ask questions. At the same time, not only does he talk, but he leads by example. He's always one of the players out there working as hard as he can. He's always making the plays that he's supposed to make and then he makes those extra plays as well. So with Brandon on the field and Brandon in the locker room, Brandon in the film room with you, he means everything. Everybody likes to play for Brandon. Everybody likes Brandon, so everybody wants to play hard when they are around Brandon so they don't let him down."

Question: Are you much of a vocal guy? Are you planning on saying anything to the rest of the teammates?

Stevie Brown: "I'm not vocal at all. I'm really not one of those vocal leaders like that. You can come to me and ask me questions and I'll answer questions, but I just try to lead by example, I give all my all the practice field, I give all my all in the game. I'm more of a lead by example guy. I'm not vocal at all."

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