*Full Transcript* Coach Rod: Wed. Presser

On Brandon Minor, Tate, Pryor, Brandon Smith/Mike Williams, Obi/Leach ... Gary Moeller and Jerry Hanlin ... on "The Logs" ... and on the future.

Q: Rich can you explain how the CARA forms didn't end up….?

A: The only thing I can tell you, again, is that the log process for those forms was corrected as soon as I learned of the issue. Anything else, I'll refrain from talking about, because of the investigation. Once the investigation is complete and over, I'll be happy to share more with you. At this point, this is the only thing I can say.

Q: Do you know how it happened?

A: Yeah, I know about it. Once I found out about the process, it got corrected. Now it's under the investigation. We've all been informed to not talk about it, and that's all we know.

Q: Rich is Denard or Tate getting more of the snaps with the first team?

A: I'm glad you asked the question to that, because we need to clear something up. I, again, it's nobodies fault in particular, but last week I think Tate may have misspoke or something, saying he hadn't taken any reps with the first team, when in reality, he and Denard split the reps. Tate may have even taken a few more with the first team. Nobody was declared the starter until closer to game time. I was upset with Tate over an issue, and some people labeled it as an argument. I took Tate up to my office the other day, and brought out my Webster's dictionary and explained the difference between an argument and a lecture, and showed him that this was a lecture, not an argument. Sometimes we have lectures, and sometimes we have conversations, and in that case it was a lecture about his academics. He's a very conscientious guy, so he's correcting that. The idea that somehow he didn't take any reps at all with the first team is completely false. I think maybe he just didn't understand the question or something. He took the same amount of reps. Denard took more reps with the first team than he has, but they still will this week. We rotate them in and out of there. Tate is the majority of them most of the time, but it depends on what type of package we want to run.

Q: So with the rumor that he may be starting, what's going through Denard's head right now? How is he handling this?

A: Denard is a great young man. I think our players know not to listen to anything, not that anything that you all write is untrue, but that being said I think they know we're going to let them know what's going on. If there is anything they need to know about their performance or what it they need to do be a starter, I'll let them know.

Q: Who starts this week, Rich?

A: Tate more than likely, but it's still only Wednesday, so we'll wait until Saturday. But again, they'll both play. I've been very proud of both of them. Denard is a true freshman, who's only been here since August, and he's made remarkable progress and I think he's got a great future.

Q: You say words like argument, discussion, lecture…. Have you had anything to where Tate may think it's an argument?

A: No. Tate has never talked back to any coaches. I think it's viewed as such, that if a coach is getting on a player, that's coaching. If a coach is coaching a player and he has a conversation back, particularly in a game situation, it seems kind of likely that people will say he's arguing back, when he may just be pleading his case and telling you what he's seeing. To me, there's nothing wrong with that. I want our players to be engaged in conversation. Tate has been that, and he's been very coachable since the day he got here, and he's a good young man, and he's only going to get better.

Q: …. With the amount of reps Denard has gotten, do you want to see him more?

A: I actually told him after the Purdue game that I apologize and I wanted to get him in the game more. We had a flow offensively with Tate, but I wanted to get him in more. He played a little more in last weeks ball game, but again, it really depends on the way they're defending us and the rhythm in which the game is going. I'd like to get him in there more. Some of this, is us being comfortable with him in certain facets of the offense.

Q: How has the intensity been this week?

A: Really good, as you can expect. If you can't get fired up, prepared, and focused for this game, then I think there is something wrong with you on both teams. Our guys, I know, we had a really good meeting on Monday and we're very focused, and yesterday was a good practice. We've got a couple more days of keeping their focus. That's the thing, as a coach, that I preach to them all week. There are so many things going on, and so many people talking about this game, and the importance of the game and all that. I want them focused on what they have to do to win the game, more than just the talk about what the ramifications of the game are.

Q: Have you spoken with Terelle Pryor since…?

A: No I haven't. I didn't seek him out after last years game, but I would have liked to shake his hand and congratulated him after that one. But I have not spoken to him since, but he's certainly done an outstanding job for them.

Q: How have you simulated him in practice this week?

A: Well, it's been a couple guys. How do you simulate a guy who's 6'6", 230, and runs a… whatever he runs and throw it like he is. So we'll do, probably, so more good on good and have Denard run some plays similar to that, and have some other quarterbacks do some things. But he's a unique athlete and that's why he's had so much success.

Q: What's the status of Minor and Carlos?

A: Carlos Brown should be fine. He's better this week. Minor, unfortunately his ankle is better but his shoulder isn't. He wasn't able to do anything yesterday and I don't know how much he's going to be able to do today. Unfortunately for Brandon, he is doubtful. We hope Tae Odoms can play. He did a lot more yesterday.

Q: Because of the game situation you're in, is a maybe something where you'd rest Brandon all week and then play him Saturday?

A: Really the decision to play Brandon is strictly up to the trainers, doctors and his health. We would never jeopardize a young man by playing him if he's not able to play. And that's really the issue. This is a really important game, and knowing Brandon and all of our guys, if they can play and protect themselves and be healthy. If you can't do that, then the trainers and doctors say you can't play.

Q: Vincent Smith or Carlos Brown?

A: Really, you could probably put a slash by all three tailbacks, including Shaw. Shaw, Vincent Smith and Carlos will all take equal amount of reps, and also Kevin Grady as well.

Q: Considering the play of your safeties this year, do you have any regrets about moving Stevie Brown to linebacker, or even Woolfolk to corner?

A: No, we talked about Woolfolk quite a bit. We had some concerns at corner, so it was kind of like, which way do we go with, and where are we getting attacked at. So I think that move has been pretty good. Even with Stevie, in a sense, he's kind of playing a nickel/safety position anyway.

Q: What about Brandon Smith, is he still going to get the nod over Mike Williams?

A: Well we haven't determined the starters yet defensively, because we're still looking at scheme wise what the best scenario is, and they do some multiple things offensively. But probably a combination of both Brandon and Mike Williams.

Q: If you guys don't win Saturday, how do you classify the season? As a disappointment?

A: Sure, yeah, no question. You'd be disappointed, but not discouraged if that's the right word. There has been some positive things, and I'm sitting here telling you we're not happy, certainly with our record. But there are things I see, and the groundwork has been laid. This is a situation we don't believe we're going to have to go through in the future, and I'm talking about battling in the last game of the year for a bowl game. We certainly have higher goals, as everybody does that follows the program, and should have. I know progress has been made, and it's a lot slower than anybody wants, but we're going to be there. We're going to be there, where everybody wants us to be.

Q: Do you know who the permanent captains are?

A: I do, but the team won't even know until tomorrow afternoon, so I can't release that.

Q: You won the toss last week and elected to receive. Can you talk about the philosophy behind that?

A: Yeah, normally, I don't know how many times I've done that in my head coaching career of 17 years, but it's not been many. In this case it was a situation where we wanted to go ahead and see if we could establish some rhythm offensively, and the weather was nice at the time. I didn't know how the weather was going to turn, and it wasn't as loud because their students hadn't woken up yet. I thought, wow the crowds not into it, the weathers nice, let's see if we can go ahead and get some rhythm. It didn't work out that way, because we had a three and out. Nonetheless, I normally wouldn't do it.

Q: Why do you like to differ?

A: Normally because your defense is fired up, and particularly if you're at home, your crowd is fired up and you want to go out and try and get a quick stop. Plus at halftime, usually, normally offensively you can make a few adjustments cause you know how teams are going to defend you. I don't know if there's a stat, one way or the other, that shows which way is best at the end.

Q: How did Obi grade out, and what's his status?

A: He did ok. We didn't have any… I take that back, Brandon Graham and Mike Martin graded out pretty high, but other than that it wasn't, for obvious reasons, we didn't have a lot of guys grade highly in that game. It certainly wasn't a performance at a championship level. But Obi is still battling, he and Kevin Leach, for this week, but they'll probably both play.

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