Full Transcript: Donovan Warren

The Wolverine cornerback talks about Terrelle Pryor, DeVeir Posey, Dane Sanzenbacher, Chris Carter ... The Game ... and, of course, since he was asked, about Justin Boren.

Question: What's the difference between Michigan-Ohio State and Michigan versus somebody else on the field that Saturday?

Donovan Warren: "Just growing up, you know that this is one of the biggest rivalries in college football. If you not up ready to play for this game then I don't know what game you'd be ready to play for. Just knowing that this is a big rivalry and it is big for both programs, I think that is one of the key things that stands out."

Question: Do you personally do anything differently the week leading up than you would any other week; how do you treat this week in practice?

Donovan Warren: "You definitely want to come out with a lot more intensity just get the guys riled up, rah-rah. Let the young guy that hasn't been here understand how important this game is and what it means to the State of Michigan, Michigan versus Ohio."

Question: What is the key to the defense this week trying to shut down their offense?

Donovan Warren: "The key is to limit the big plays that they make. Make them earn their place with what we give them. That would just be the main focus."

Question: How do you do that versus what's been happening the last few weeks?

Donovan Warren: "Definitely just have to come out and practice that's where it all starts, get some confidence rolling over through the week, getting confident in the game plan. What the coaches have ready for us, stop and minimize what they do."

Question: It looked like against Wisconsin there was a package where you were back at safety. What was the thought behind that and how did you feel back there?

Donovan Warren: "The thought behind that was just doing what the coaches asking me to do and doing what was best for the team. That was me playing safety then, so be it. That's how the coaches use me in that certain package to help the team win."

Question: Is that something that we might see again this week?

Donovan Warren: "I have no clue. I'll definitely find out today if that is in the game plan this week. I know that was just for Wisconsin; I don't know if that was for this week also."

Question: Terrelle Pryor seems to be able to keep plays alive; how important is it for you guys to stay disciplined and not give up routes on with receivers?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah definitely. With a quarterback that scrambles and he has a live arm, it is definitely a lot tougher sticking with the receivers. That's like sticking with a quarterback for six or seven seconds when the quarterback is on the run. It's a lot tougher, so you definitely have to be a lot more disciplined and covering those receivers and staying on them longer throughout the whole play until we hear the whistle blown."

Question: DeVeir Posey has had some big plays; what have you seen in that and do you think you'll see quite a bit of DeVeir on Saturday?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah Pryor and Posey, those guys have hooked up a lot for some big plays. What we have to do is minimize the big plays and do their job and make them earn it. Once I feel like they earn it, I feel like we'll be alright."

Question: What about Dane Sanzenbacher?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah. Sanzenbacher, I know he played a little bit last year and beginning in the year, he was a little bit of Pryor's go to guy, but haven't checked a lot of film on those guys, I know he is the next receiver, him and the freshman (Duron) Carter that they have – Cris Carter's son. So we're just going to have to do a good job of just containing all three of those guys and the running backs."

Question: You're the second defensive guy that has said giving up a big play has been a problem; why has it been a problem?

Donovan Warren: "Like I've been saying, the little things they add up to big things. Certain guy not in his gap or certain guy playing zone, playing man, those are things that just continue to occur. I couldn't tell you why or what is going through guy's head throughout the play but it is just something that happens and it is something that you just got to keep working on and don't let it bring your confidence down."

Question: Have you guys been able to maintain your confidence and why do you believe that you can win?

Donovan Warren: "Definitely. I feel like we've been able to maintain some confidence given the fact that it is a big play but you could link that big play with one guy being here or one guy being there, that's why I feel like the confidence is still there."

Question: Do you and your teammates see it as a sign of disrespect when Justin Boren went to a hated rival?

Donovan Warren: "Yeah. I see that as a sign of disrespect. We're here and just talking about that the family values have eroded and we're here and definitely the family is still intact and we still around each other and we still support each other and it is still strong. So I definitely took that as a kind of disrespect. He just had to do what was best for him. It is what it is."

Question: So much has been talked about the defense struggles lately; how frustrating is that to you guys?

Donovan Warren: "It is very frustrating. Just being that we hear a lot of outsides talking or whatever. It doesn't get to me or bring me down or anything like that. We just continue to work in practice, continue to get better and just do the little things that the coaches have asked of us."

Question: You guys have not fared as well in rivalry games the past couple of years; Michigan State, Ohio State, of course you got the Notre Dame win; how tough is that, draining mentally to come away with losses in big games?

Donovan Warren: "It's tough definitely, but we have to look on the bright side. This is the last game, we don't have anything to lose. We win this game, we go to a bowl game hopefully. That's just one of the things that we have to look forward to just winning this last game. When it comes to rivalry – the past, that's behind us – that's the past, we looking forward to this game and that's the main focus."

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