Feb. 6 AM Tidbits

A couple pieces of unfinished recruiting business remain.

First of, Virinia running back Tony Hunt -- has he or hasn't he???
As far as we still know, Tony has not faxed a letter of intent. Maybe he has (to PSU), maybe he hasn't ... but as of late last night it was still unresolved as far as U-M is concerned. Hopefully it'll resolve soon.

Also, Jeff Zuttah. At his press conference yesterday, Coach Carr made reference to a medical situation regarding Zuttah. Internet rumors have been rife regarding this, and internet rumors are almost always at least somewhat exaggerated. We believe Coach Carr will make an annnouncement on this soon, and that it will not be as serious are the internet-worries.

Finally regarding Shawn Crable. Anyone else notice that the 'OSU Camp' is all upset that Shawn would 'dare' announce at his high school -- and NOT pick OSU? Funny ... and weird. Has to hurt though, don't you think, that their home team could win the NC and then lose the top two prospects in the state to "That School Up North." Go Blue!

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