Today "GFH" is sending us full transcripts -- much more material than yesterday. We start with Prescott Burgess.">
Today "GFH" is sending us full transcripts -- much more material than yesterday. We start with Prescott Burgess.">

Prescott Burgess' Full WTKA Interview Transcript

Yesterday our friend "GutierrezFor Heisman," typed up 'on the fly', 'quickie' transcripts for us of signee-interviews yesterday afternoon's on WTKA radio show with Dennis Fithian.<br><br> Today "GFH" is sending us full transcripts -- much more material than yesterday. We start with Prescott Burgess.

Dennis Fithian: Out of Warren, Ohio – Prescott Burgess joining us here on Ticket 1050. Prescott, how are you doing?
Prescott Burgess: I'm doing alright.

DF: Hey, congratulations on signing your letter of intent today.

PB: Thanks!

DF: Everybody that was a big Michigan fan was tuning in to that All Star game and you were the star of that half-time there as you made a lot of Michigan fans real excited when you pulled that hat out there, but what took you so long to pull that Michigan cap out? You were swimming around in that bag for so long.

PB: Oh yeah (laughs). They told me to pretend I was looking for something else, but there was just one hat in there.

DF: And, Prescott, I listened to Lloyd Carr today, Michigan head coach, and he had said that they had been recruiting you for a long time, but it came down to Ohio State, Tennessee and Florida. Why Michigan?

PB: Well, you know, I just sat down, you know, picked the school that was best for me – a good education and had a good football program as well. Michigan came out on top.

DF: Talking with Prescott Burgess here on Ticket 1050 with Prescott Burgess who took his team to the Ohio Division 1 championship game and Prescott, how tough was it down there in the state of Ohio? I'm sure you had to hear it from people in the school and a lot of other people – a lot of Ohio State fans down there.

PB: Well, you know, it was definitely difficult knowing that I'm from Ohio and, you know, I'm not going to Ohio State. It was real difficult. I got, you know, people wishing me bad luck and all that, but I picked my choice you know and so I'm going to stick with it and I've got to go with it, so…

DF: Did you get some good advice from a current Michigan linebacker, Carl Diggs, coming out of Warren? What did he tell you about the whole situation?

PB: He just told me he wanted me to come up there and take a look at it, you know, and I'd just pick my school from there. When I came on my visit, they welcomed me there and I felt welcome and I felt that I could spend the rest of my four years there and that's what school I picked.

DF: So when Carl Diggs was playing, were you a freshman or something like that when he was playing ball down there?

PB: I was becoming a freshman.

DF: OK, so you never had a chance to play with him, but did you get a chance to watch Carl? What kind of player was he in high school?

PB: I never saw him play because I was originally from Columbus and I moved to Warren my ninth grade year, so I never saw him play, but I heard a lot about him and I followed his footsteps and that's what I've been doing since.

DF: I was looking at a great picture of you in today's Ann Arbor News. You guys uniforms down there…you look like Florida State, right?

PB: (laughs) Yeah, you know what I'm saying, we're just black and gold instead of red and gold, but we wanted to change our colors, but it ain't happening, so…

DF: I'm taking a look…6-4…Carr said that you have the physique where you could play a linebacker, but you've got the ability to play a safety and that's what you want to do? You want to play safety at the next level, right?

PB: You know, people think that because of my size and all that, I can't play safety. But I'm going to show them different…I'm going to be a 6-4, 220 safety, you know, coming in and hitting like a linebacker. I'm going to show people that I have the ability to play safety and I'll go from there, so…

DF: People like to hear that, Prescott, I'll tell you that. Who's a guy that maybe at the next level or something that as a safety you look at and say that's the kind of ball-hawking safety that I'd like to be?

PB: I look at Lynch, you know and I look at Howell (?) – all those other safeties that became linebackers when they got to the pros. You know, it's something you just think about – what position you'll play at the next level, that's all.

DF: Prescott, coming from Ohio, Southern Ohio, what about the NFL? Are you a Cincinnati fan? A Cleveland fan?

PB: Definitely a Cleveland fan. I grew up on them. Everybody wonders why I like them so much…it's tradition. I don't know, I grew up on Cleveland and that's my team in the NFL right there.

DF: I'm going to put a guess out there – I'm going to ask a lot of people who come on maybe their favorite all-time Michigan Wolverine back in the day and I'm gonna say a guy out of Fremont, Ohio. I'm going to guess Charles Woodson is going to be a guy that you would name.

PB: Oh, you know, definitely, definitely. I was going for them in the Super Bowl, but they let me down, but that's all good. Definitely I always, always, always looked up to him. Knowing that he's from Ohio, I know he went through the same thing that I'm going through now, but I've just got to do what he did and just overcome it.

DF: You were talking about Charles Woodson having to play with basically a broken leg. Most of the season you were playing with a broken hand and then a neck stinger. How tough was that? Where were you at? 90%/70% this season? I'm sure you couldn't perform up to 100% because of those injuries.

PB: My shoulder injury…I missed half of the season off from that. I became about 85% during the playoffs and that's when I came back. I just want myself back. But you know I got myself back together. I think I can perform like I used to perform my sophomore and junior years. That's what I'm going to do when I get to Michigan.

DF: Well, I know everybody's looking forward to seeing you come up here and play at Michigan, Prescott. Before we let you go, we're heading down to Louisiana and we're going to say hi to Adam Kraus. You wanna say hi to a future teammate of yours on the line right now? Prescott Burgess, say hi to Adam Kraus. Go ahead, Prescott.

PB: How are you doing, Adam Kraus? (laughs)

AK: Hey, I'm alright, man.

DF: Look forward to seeing you guys out on the football field together. Take care, Prescott.

PB: Alright. Thanks!

Thanks to our friend "GutierrezFor Heisman," here are some full transcripts of signee-interviews on WTKA radio yesterday afternoon.

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