Campbell is a key recruit now that Tony Hunt's LOI has reportly surfaced at PSU.">
Campbell is a key recruit now that Tony Hunt's LOI has reportly surfaced at PSU.">

Anton Campbell's Full WTKA Interview Transcript

Here is "GutierrezForHeisman's" second full transcript of yesterday's signee-interviews with Dennis Fithian on WTKA radio: Anton Campbell.<br><br> Campbell is a key recruit now that Tony Hunt's LOI has reportly surfaced at PSU.

Dennis Fithian: Right now, out of O'Fallon, Missouri Ft. Zumwalt West High School, Anton Campbell here on Ticket 1050. Anton, how are you doing?

Anton Campbell: Good.

DF: Hey, congratulations on what's gotta be a big day for you – a day you were looking forward to. Congratulations on signing with the University of Michigan.

AC: Thanks a lot!

DF: Hey, I'll tell you what. We just got done talking with Will Paul and he's a guy from – is it the Show-Me State? – Missouri?

AC: Oh yeah. He's about 20 minutes away from us.

DF: So you're familiar with him? You guys have met out on the football field before?

AC: Ah, yeah.

DF: OK, Anton, if I asked you about yourself – I know you guys don't like to describe how you play out there – but tell us what Michigan fans can expect to see from Will Paul and what you saw.

AC: Ah, from Will? He's a hard-nosed kid. He's a real good athlete, too.

DF: Did you ever put any moves on him and get by him or was it kind of even when you guys met? Take us through that.

AC: (laughs) We won when we played him.

DF: Alright, well you came out on top. Anton Campbell with us here on Ticket 1050 and you're coming in as a running back. What do you bring to the table at that position? You have to have a real love. I think that's the toughest position to get in there because that's the glamour, the position everybody wants to play. What do you bring to the table?

AC: I think I have really good vision. I'm a pretty good receiver out of the backfield.

DF: Uh-huh. And 6-0, 180…

AC: (interrupts) 190.

DF: Oh, 190? I'm just looking at the press release today. How big do you want to get or is that probably your ideal weight?

AC: I want to be about 200 when I get down there.

DF: What about running backs, when you take a look whether in college football for the past couple of years, I don't know, maybe back in the day when you were a little guy that you looked at and you said, that's the kind of running back, that's the kind of guy I emulate, that I kind of run like?

AC: College? I never really watched college until I was about 13, but I really liked Fred Taylor and Edgerrin James. I really liked his style.

DF: Not bad. Those are two pretty good football players that have taken the ball. Tell us about how you got attracted to the University of Michigan coming out of Missouri.

AC: Well, I was born in Michigan. So that was the first attraction. And then when I went up there for the first time to talk to the coaches, all of the coaches were, like, really nice and the facilities were great, academics were great…everything.

DF: Where were you born at in Michigan?

AC: Pontiac. Right across the street from the Silverdome.

DF: Well, not bad. Of course, the Lions aren't playing there anymore. They've got a nice facility. Have you ever been in Michigan Stadium? Tell us about your visit up here.

AC: Oh, my visit! It was great! I got to interact with all the other players – that was probably the best part. And meeting with the academic advisors again was really great.

DF: What do you want to do in terms of your studies? I know you don't really have to pick anything for awhile, but anything in particular that you're thinking about now before you get up here that you might want to major in at Michigan?

AC: I want to major in business.

DF: Uh-huh. That's a good one. You can do a lot of things with that one. How about other sports that Anton Campbell is right now participating in besides football?

AC: I play basketball. Our basketball team is 19-1.

DF: 19-1? Where are you ranked at in the state? Is that pretty high?

AC: I think we're ranked sixth.

DF: What position do you play?

AC: Two guard – shooting guard.

DF: Are you the leading scorer or anything like that? What do you bring to the hardwood.

AC: Ugh! I think I'm just a football player playing basketball really.

DF: So you get in there and do some dirty work? You'll rebound and lay some picks from the two guard position?

AC: Yeah. I score a little bit, too.

DF: Who hosted you? You said you met a lot of the guys up here and the different coaches. Where did you go? What did you like about Ann Arbor?

AC: Ann Arbor, the city as a whole? Everything is close, it's right there within walking distance. You don't need a car or anything.

DF: Tell the people, is it O'Fallon, Missouri, that's your hometown?

AC: Yes.

DF: What's that like compared to Ann Arbor?

AC: O'Fallon, it's a pretty new city. Everything is being built right now, so it's not quite developed yet, but it's getting there. One of the fastest growing cities in the country.

DF: Well, I'll tell you what, Anton, congratulations. We appreciate your time. When do you think you'll make your next trip up here? Do you think you'll get to the spring game?

AC: Spring ball.

DF: So you'll see the spring game, huh?

AC: I don't know which date, but I'm going for spring ball.

DF: Yeah, I think April 12, if memory serves me correctly. Wel, congratulations again. We appreciate your time and we'll be talking with you certainly and we can't wait to see you in the Maize and Blue.

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