Adam Kraus' Full WTKA Interview Transcript

Here is "GutierrezForHeisman's" third full transcript of yesterday's signee-interviews with Dennis Fithian on WTKA radio: Adam Kraus (whose parents by the way, are internet Michigan fans; hello to the Kraus').

Dennis Fithian: Now we do say hi to Adam Kraus who joins us here on Ticket 1050. Adam, am I saying your name right?
Adam Kraus: Yes.

DF: Well, good, we're off to a good start here on WTKA. How does a guy from New Orleans get interested in the University of Michigan?
AK: Well, Michigan's tradition is pretty well-known throughout the country. I see them every weekend on TV, you know, and I've always had an interest in them – ever since I was little.

DF: Not that anyone's trying to put pressure on you or anything else, but Lloyd Carr at his signing day press conference today offered up that – one of the reports said that, you know, Adam Kraus, he's listed as a tight end, but, you know, with his size, he could be a tackle real easily. Then Lloyd offered up that you reminded him of – with your mentality – of a Jeff Backus and a Jon Jansen, two guys that played on the offensive line for Michigan. Are you familiar with those guys?
AK: Yeah, I've heard of Jeff Jansen. I've heard of him.

DF: And Backus plays for the Lions now.
AK: OK, yeah.

DF: He's a left tackle and at 6-6, 260, you want to start out and play tight end, though. Why's that?
AK: I mean, that's what I've been playing my whole high school career. I really enjoy the position. If I have to move to tackle, it wouldn't bother me, though. Anything I can do to get on the field is what I want to happen, you know?

DF: Yep. And Lloyd also mentioned that he had a fantastic meal down there. Four or five servings – he talked about the shrimp, so you've got some good cooks in the house, huh?
AK: (laughs) Yeah, my mom's a pretty good cook.

DF: And he mentioned the cheesecake. Carr said he's a pretty hard person to please, but your mom took good care of him.
AK: Yeah. She sure did.

DF: Adam, tell us about yourself. You said you see Michigan on TV, but what did it come down to in the end for Adam Kraus and the University of Michigan?
AK: Well, the program is outstanding and the coaching staff is great. I felt real comfortable with the coaching staff and the players. I just don't think there's a better place for me than the University of Michigan to play football.

DF: Talk about your visit when you came up. I did see you one time at a football game. I don't remember which one it was, but I think Clayton Richard was up that weekend.
AK: Yeah. It was the Wisconsin game.

DF: The Wisconsin game. So you met Clayton Richard. LaMarr Woodley might have been visiting?
AK: Yeah. I met him, too.

DF: Did you see that (he committed to Michigan)…?
AK: Yeah, my dad told me this morning.

DF: How did your dad find out?
AK: I think he talked to Coach Jackson and he told me LaMarr signed.

DF: I was going to say, you never go on the internet or anything and check out the different Michigan sites to see what everybody's saying, do you?
AK: Yeah, my dad's always on that.

DF: Tell us, when are you going to plan on coming up to Ann Arbor? Are you going to try to make the spring game after that?
AK: Yeah, I'm going to definetly try to make it up there for the spring game and then, after that, I plan on going up there for the summer for at least a month and we'll see what happens.

DF: I'm taking a look at a "Did you know?" in the Ann Arbor News that you help teach a second grade religious class. That's gotta be…tell us about that.
AK: Yeah, I've been doing that for about two years now and every Sunday I go in and teach second grade Sunday school.

DF: Is that something somebody in your family puts you on or you just thought that would be something you'd want to do?
AK: No, after I got confirmed, they asked me to do it, so I volunteered.

DF: Alright. Fantastic. Adam Kraus here on Ticket 1050 and tell us, you already talked about why you wanted to come to Michigan – you considered Florida, LSU and Colorado?
AK: Yes.

DF: What about playing up in the cold up in Michigan? AK: You know, it really doesn't bother me. I was up there, what, about three weeks ago and I think it was, like, five degrees, and it felt fine. So you can adapt. If everyone else can do it, why can't I, you know?

DF: That's a good mentality to have. Who hosted you when you were up here?
AK: Jeremy VanAlstyne.

DF: Uh huh. JVA, a guy who is doing really well and is going to get a lot of playing time next year. Well tell us about who is your biggest influence on your football career.
AK: Probably my parents and my coach, like my coach from my freshman, sophomore and junior years. He really helped me out with everything.

DF: What do people think down at your high school when you tell them you're going to Michigan? Are people disappointed in that or give you a pat on the back and say good luck?
AK: You know, I get a little negative criticism like why don't you stay in state and go to LSU, you know. How good LSU is and all. But most people just tell me good luck and have fun and they wish me the best.

DF: Well, we want to wish you the best as well. And you've got basketball going on as well. Averaging a double/double. When's your next game?
AK: We play a game on Friday.

DF: What do you play, 6-6/270, you've gotta be a center.
AK: Yeah. I'm a center.

DF: Yeah. What's your best move? Are you a back-to-the-basket or are you a face-up guy?
AK: I'm probably better at facing up.

DF: What happens when Adam Kraus gets out in the open in front of everybody? Do you throw it down or just put up a layup?
AK: Oh, I throw it down!

DF: Alright. That's what I like to hear. Well, congratulations. We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you up here for the spring game and, after that, when freshmen report.
AK: Alright, thank you!

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