Terrence Talbott Can't Wait For Michigan

The brothers from Huber Heights Wayne in that Buckeye State will be donning the Maize and Blue in 2010. They were at The Game yesterday, and Terrance talked with GoBlueWolverine about the visit for the massive weekend.

During the biggest recruiting weekend of the season, and possibly ever, for the Wolverines, prospects came in from across the nation to check out the annual tilt against the Buckeyes. Many of those prospects have already pledged to wear the Maize and Blue in 2010.

Cornerback Terrence Talbott is one of those prospects who is soon to officially become a Wolverine. Though the Wolverines lost on Saturday, it doesn't deter the feelings Talbott has about his future team.

"The atmosphere -- it was big and live up here, I liked it and everything," Talbott told GoBlueWolverine. "Even though we lost, we still played good. A couple of turnovers messed it up, but overall I love it up here and I can't wait to get up here."

That day will come soon. Talbott and his brother, defensive tackle Terry Talbott, will officially be Wolverines in February when the sign their Letters of Intent in February. However, it will be in the first summer months that Talbott will be on campus full time.

"I talked to coach about it today. He said they start in June, so I want to get up here ASAP. As soon as I'm done with school I want to get up here and get into the system so that I can get a better chance of playing."

While playing time can definitely be had by any incoming recruit, it will take an exhaustive amount of work to be able to accomplish the feat. Talbott certainly knows what's lying ahead of him.

"What I want to do is come up here and start, but I know I got to work hard to get to that. I don't know the plays or any of that. So when I get up there, it just depends on how hard I work. I know I can play, it just depends on my opportunity."

Talbott will get a chance to bond with more players when he is able to spend more time in Ann Arbor. That chance will come in a few weeks when he will make the trip in official capacity to spend the weekend with the Wolverines.

"We went in there and said What's up to them, but my official visit is in two weeks. We don't have a game or anything so we'll be able to spend more time with them and get to know them."

Though the U-M season didn't end on as promising of a note as it started, that doesn't stop Talbott from knowing in his heart of hearts that Michigan is the spot for both him, and his brother.

"The most important thing is the academics. Everywhere I go I hear that Michigan has tough academics, so that's always a plus. Even though we're losing now, I know we are young right now. We're going to come way up in a couple of years, so that doesn't even bother me. I love playing football. We're going to be doing it big up here, so it's the place for us."

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