Talbott Ready to See More of UM

Huber Heights (OH) Wayne DT Terry Talbott reflects on his unofficial visit to Ann Arbor this weekend. Is the Michigan commitment looking to take visits?

Huber Heights (OH) Wayne DT Terry Talbott had a lot to prove this season.  The 6-3, 265-pounder wanted to take his game to the next level by being consistently dominant instead of occasionally so.  In his final high school campaign he once again showed the flashes that had numerous Midwest programs offering scholarships, but he fell a little short of reaching his goal.

"We kind of had some ups and downs this season," Talbott recalled.  "We went 6-5 and we went to the playoffs and lost in the first round to Elder down in Cincinnati.  Due to my injury, I had a high ankle sprain, (his individual showing) was okay.  Other than that it was good – best time I had."

With his high school career now over, Talbott has begun looking ahead more to the next level.  He made his way up to Ann Arbor Saturday for the annual Michigan/Ohio State clash so he could see firsthand the atmosphere he had heard so much about.

"It was pretty good," he said.  "Well, we lost, so it was just alright."

Recently there had been rumors that Talbott and his brother Terrence (who each remain adamant that they will attend college together) were contemplating visiting other schools.  Up to this point, though, no trips have been taken place.  In a separate chat with GoBlueWolverine, Terrence's recruiting focus was squarely on his Michigan future.  Terry, on the other hand, has left the recruiting window open… though just a crack.

"I was considering visiting like North Carolina or Arkansas, but it don't look like I'll be doing that no time soon," Terry admitted.  "We thought of it, but right now I do not know.  So far it is a no."

"What I got to do right now is see how everything is," he continued.  "I could come out, take a look at it, and change my mind (on taking other visits).  So we'll see. I'd say I don't really have a clue (whether visits to other schools will be taken).  Right now, it's ‘Go Blue'."

The odds of it remaining that way are high.  Getting things etched in stone, however, still looks to be an official visit away.

"(The Michigan coaches) was just wondering when we were going to take our official visits," Talbott said referring to his conversation with the UM brass Saturday.  "This wasn't an official.  It was unofficial.  We drove up.  We're going to come back up in two weeks and just have a good time with them, hang out, and see what's going on… how everything else is."

With Michigan's scholarship crunch, it's a virtual certainty that the possibility of taking other visits will be addressed during the visit if not sooner.

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Talbott in the coming weeks. 

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