Veteran DBs Can't Wait to Get Back to Work

Junior defensive backs Troy Woolfolk and Donovan Warren talk about The Game, and The Future.

Troy Woolfolk: "Brandon Graham, he went out there and showed a lot of passion. You could tell it shifted from his body to everybody else on the field. You just feel it out there and being able to perform as a team."

Question: How tough was it when Brandon Graham makes a couple of big plays down at the goal line and then you bring everybody and they just dump it over your head for a touchdown; how big of play was that?

Troy Woolfolk: "They just called a perfect call. We had a blitz going and they had a screen. It wasn't a matter of people being out of line or making mistakes like in the past. Everybody executed the play, they just got lucky. It is what it is."

Question: On the defense turning it on in the last game…

Troy Woolfolk: "Like I said earlier, I believe we have one of the greatest defenses, it is just a matter of us being able to execute and I think we did turn the switch the last game. It's not a matter of being mad, it is just me more excited for next year to see us do the same thing and get better numbers."

Question: Did it rip you up seeing the seniors walk off that field?

Troy Woolfolk: "Yeah I felt me myself I let them down, not just this game, just the whole year. The defense, everybody messed up, but I also messed up and felt that I let my seniors down by going away without a win from Ohio State. Next year I'm going to get on that and try to be a leader and use everything that the seniors have taught me to help the defense out as a whole."

Question: When you're watching bowl games this year; what memories will you remember back about, we should have had that one, we should have had that one?

Troy Woolfolk: "Basically every game we should have had. It was just a matter of us being able to execute. I'm going to be very mad watching the bowl games because I know we should be there ourselves being able to play a game with just one more win."

Question: How frustrating is it to be on the wrong end of this rivalry again?

Troy Woolfolk: "It is just very frustrating because we were trying to break that six year streak and just to add on to another year for that is just frustrating. It is more of drive…I use that frustration as drive to practice hard next year and get ready. It starts right now."

Question: Is there anything that excites you about next season?

Troy Woolfolk: "Our defense and our offense, we have young players and they all went out there and performed pretty good. I'm just excited for them to grow up and mature and become Division I athletes like they are."

Question: Coach said you will beat Ohio State when you are better than they are; do you feel that was a big gap or a small gap?

Troy Woolfolk: "The score was only 10-21 and it was not that big of a gap. They only scored off of little mistakes. It was more of luck. We're going to get them next year. I ain't worried about it."

Question: Can you talk a little bit about that first touchdown from the 29 yard line?

Troy Woolfolk: "Like I said, they just got lucky with another call. We put more pressure on a different side and they just got lucky and went to the other side. I think our defense as a whole did great as execution wise. It is just they also have good athletes and good coaches, so that's why they beat us."


Donovan Warren

Question: Can you tell me what were some of the things that coaches talked to you guys about after the game?

Donovan Warren: "It was just coming back in the offseason and just working hard. Just try to get this nasty feeling out of our mouth and we don't want to have this feeling next year."

Question: This being one of your better defensive performances in a while; how did you guys feel out there?

Donovan Warren: "I feel like we did a good job of minimizing the big plays. That's what they thrive off of this year. Just try to contain them and play smashmouth football with them and do our jobs."

Question: Why do you think you guys played so well today, just execution?

Donovan Warren: "I feel that guys were just hungry this week and every guy was doing their job every play, minimize the big play. That's what we've been working on all throughout the year and it is kind of good to come through for us on the defensive side but not to get the win."

Question: Can you talk about how the week of practice went for you guys?

Donovan Warren: "This week of practice, we just continued to do the things that we've been doing all year, just working hard, staying together, everybody within Schembechler Hall had each other back throughout the weekend. It was just good for us…we weren't putting our head down, just keep pushing forward."

Question: What's the plan for the offseason now getting guys back on track?

Donovan Warren: "Take some time off, get our bodies back right and get back at it. Get back to work."

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