Pat Sharrow's Full WTKA Interview Transcript

Here is "GutierrezForHeisman's" fifth full transcript of yesterday's signee-interviews with Dennis Fithian on WTKA radio: Pat Sharrow.

Note: There were "technical difficulties" during this interview. Here is the majority of Pat's interview – only missed the first minute or so (but the whole Jake Long interview was missed).

Dennis Fithian: We're talking with Pat Sharrow who joins us here on Ticket 1050. They have you listed here on the press release as Patrick Sharrow. Do you like Pat or do you like Patrick?
Pat Sharrow: It doesn't matter to me, really. I have people calling me both names, you know, most people call me by my last name so I just go with the flow.

DF: Just call your name out on the board one day at Michigan for a starting assignment, right?
PS: (laughs) That's right! That's right!

DF: Hey, Pat, Carr talked about today that you could also – and at the camp – or that you are at least pretty good at long snapping and that's something that you've always done at Monroe or is that something you just figured you'd probably do to make yourself versatile for the next level.
PS: Yeah, I've always longsnapped since back in fifth grade. You know, I never had anybody teach me until my junior year, though, until I went to the Michigan camp and they had some specialists up there - they showed me a few tricks and I practiced that and just went from there. I've longsnapped for Monroe my whole varsity career, JV career, but not until my junior year did I get any, you know, techniques or any teaching down, but I've used that and it's really helped out a lot.

DF: What did you play at Monroe? Offensive tackle?
PS: I've been all around up front. I played tackle my sophomore year. Actually, I was moved up to play tight end that year, but they put me to tackle and I've played guard and I've even played a little bit of center.

DF: I'm thinking longsnapper is that something that would just come natural might be a center one day. What do you think?
PS: Yeah, I'm down with whatever. (laughs)

DF: You're up for anything?
PS: (laughs) Yep!

DF: What do you do here? Do you have basketball going on? Do you have track coming up? Take us through what's going to go on before you head up the road here to Ann Arbor.
PS: Right. Yeah, I'm…we'll finish up this basketball season. We're doing pretty good now, 8-5, then I'm hopefully going to win the state championship in shot and disc. You know, I have a good chance at that. And then get ready to go up to Ann Arbor and put the Maize and Blue on.

DF: Fantastic. Well, we appreciate your time. Are you familiar with any of your fellow freshman – the incoming freshman, all these guys that put their name on the dotted line today? Sixteen others, besides yourself.
PS: Oh, I know. I was fired up to see that LaMarr and Jerome and those guys and Crable signed today! It was awesome!

DF: How did you find out about that?
PS: Actually, when I went to school this morning, my head coach asked me if I heard the news or not and then, you know, he showed me the Free Press, I think it was and he showed me that and it was awesome!

DF: Well, Pat, you know that being in Monroe you're in the WTKA listening range, so you've got that going for you as well.
PS: (laughs) There we go!

DF: Well, Pat, thanks for joining us and congratulations. We look forward to seeing you down the road.
PS: Thank you. And thank you for having me on.

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