Adrian Witty is Still True Blue

Originally meant to be in the 2009 class, the Deerfield Beach sleeper had some issues with the NCAA clearinghouse. Those issues are cleared up now, and the Wolverines will be adding the second part of their Deerfield Beach duo in a matter of weeks.

Cornerback Adrian Witty was the penultimate sleeper in the 2008-09 recruiting season. An injury prevented him from making the rounds that his friend and teammate, Denard Robinson, made to make Shoelace such a hot prospect. However, during their recruitment of Denard Robinson, the Wolverines found Witty as well, and offered him a scholarship. The teammates were finally reunited this past Saturday when Witty tripped to Ann Arbor for the Wolverines final game in 2009.

"It was nice. It was really good to just come back up there and hang out with the guys and see the seniors off for their last game, and just get back into the feel of it for a bit."

Wolverine Nation should have nothing to fear about finally adding Witty in official capacity. He is a Wolverine through and through.

"Yep. I ain't going nowhere, I'm Big Blue all the way."

While some were confused about the situation Witty was in, and why he wasn't able to be cleared, Witty explained in detail what had happened, and now why he is through the clearinghouse and on his way to being a Wolverine full-time.

"I had to get my score up a little higher, and I took the test already, so I had to take a class to get my GPA up and I took a test on top of that, and that's what qualified me. In the online class that's coming through, it'll still bring my GPA up."

The Maize and Blue won't have to wait long to add him to the roster, as in a few weeks Witty will officially be a member of the Wolverines.

"January. I think they're going to bring me up like January 2nd or 3rd."

One of the purposes of his visit was to also see one of his best friends, and Michigan freshman quarterback Denard Robinson, with whom Witty grew up with and went to high school with.

"We actually hung out last night after the game. When we talk, we just talk a little football, like what's he's done and what's changed. Everything is just the same, and nothing is the same. He still loves it."

And when he gets up here in January, he and "Shoelaces" will be even more inseperable.

"I guess we're going to be in a dorm for the remainder, then we're going to move out and get our own spot."

While he's always been tight with Robinson, Witty now has a stunning accord with the rest of his future brethren, and seeing them this weekend was almost like a homecoming.

"I'm cool with all the guys. All the guys love me (laughing). We hang out all the time, and I make them laugh and stuff like that."

Witty is hoping to have every Michigan fan loving him with his on the field exploits as well, and had a very specific message for all the Wolverines out there.

"All I'm saying is that I'm coming up there to work hard, see the field, and make the turnaround for Big Blue!"

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