Michigan "the Best Visit of them All"

Pittsburgh Penn Hills CB Cullen Christian chatted with GoBlueWolverine this afternoon during his drive home from his final official before he announces his collegiate decision tomorrow. Michigan put its best foot forward one last time. Will it be enough to land the Keystone State star?

Sam Webb:  So how did things go for you at Michigan last weekend?

Cullen Christian:  "Had fun.  It was probably the best visit of them all. Just getting to hang with the team a little more.  That's the best part.  I didn't get to hang with none of the players or nothing like that before.  This was the first time I went to a (Michigan) game. It was what I expected honestly.  Because they tell me all the time, they got 110,000 every week and everything like that.  It was kind of what I expected.  The atmosphere was great."

Sam Webb:  Who wound up being your host?

Cullen Christian:  "Donovan Warren."

Sam Webb:  Did he have any special advice for you or anything in particular that was memorable about your time with him?

Cullen Christian:  "He is just telling me to go where I feel I am needed the most and where I think I fit in."

Sam Webb:  Did you get some more one on one time with Coach Rod or Coach Gibby this time or did they mainly have you hang with the players?

Cullen Christian:  "I got one on one time.  I got plenty of one on one time with them.  Coach Gibby, we sat down in his office and everything and talked.  He watched my film and stuff from this year, talked about it a little bit.  If I come up there what we'll be working on and stuff like that.  We talked about a lot.  He really wasn't talking a lot about the recruiting and everything like that.  We just talked."

Sam Webb:  What about the fan response; it looked like a lot of people recognized who you were?

Cullen Christian:  "Yeah.  That was different, that was crazy."

Sam Webb:  Had it been like that at other places?

Cullen Christian:  "It was a couple other people that knew me (on visits to other schools), but it wasn't like that with people coming up to me, saying we need you and stuff like.  It was crazy.  It was different."

Sam Webb:  What about the other recruits; there were a lot of other recruits there; did you get a chance to spend any time or get to know any of those guys?

Cullen Christian:  "I knew some of them that Gridiron Kings (7-on-7 competition in Orlando last summer).  There was a lot of them up there from that.  I knew some of them, but I got to hang with a lot of them.  I hung with Big Tex (Beachum) the most though."

Sam Webb:  How do you think Big Tex was feeling about things?

Cullen Christian:  "He told me it was fun.  He liked it.  He liked it a whole lot."

Sam Webb:  Were any of the committed guys hammering you saying, ‘you need to come and go with us?'

Cullen Christian:  "You already know Ricardo is (laughing).  You already know he is.  He's like the spokesman for Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Now that obviously that was your last visit; what were the other places that you wound up visiting?

Cullen Christian:  "I went to Michigan of course, West Virginia, and UCLA.  So I only took three officials." 

Sam Webb:  So you never went to Pitt?

Cullen Christian:  "No I never went.  I was supposed to go either today or Friday.  I just didn't end up going."

Sam Webb:  Officially when and where will you be making your announcement?

Cullen Christian:  "Tomorrow at the Comfort Inn in Penn Hills at 6:30."

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